We have heard of part sports stars, who have been hit by the corona, while the virus has spread all over the world. However, only one tennis player has been going forward with a positive test.

Thiago Seyboth Wild is one of Brazil’s best players and is number 114 in the world, but in those hours he is about to make himself most known to openly talk about to be hit by the covid-19 – and be in risk to end up in prison.

Let’s take it from the beginning. The 20-year-old tennis player was Wednesday forward on social media and told that he had been hit by coronavirussen.

It was among other things the former verdensetter Lindsey Davenport to rose Seyboth Wild to put himself forward as the first tennis player and thus send a wakeupcall’ to the players who were not worried about the virus.

But the mood turned against Thiago Seyboth Wild.

In any case, at home in Brazil, where the local police in the Parana according to Globo Esporte is now examining tennisspilleren to break his own hjemmekarantæne, while he waited on it, which turned out to be a positive test for corona.

although Seyboth Wild even had to put a video up about that he had symptoms, he had been seen going through the town shortly beforehand.

And therefore he will be now examined, whether he has broken a law in Brazil, in the worst case can give between a month and a year in jail plus a fine.

Thiago Seyboth Wild understand, however in no way brokkeriet in relation to his whereabouts or a possible case.

In an extremely long response defending the brazilian his behavior in connection with the symptoms and the final positive corona test.

He emphasizes that he does not at any time after the test has been in physical contact with other people.

It is probably doubtful whether Seyboth Wild are at risk for a definite term of imprisonment, but in Brazil you can be hit by a fine of 40,000 crowns, if you have corona and breaks hjemmekarantænen.