Zlatan Ibrahimovic (38) will remain for next season, no longer at AC Milan. The Swede would have to think about are the shoes on the hook in the wall. That is reported by the Italian sports La Gazzetta dello Sport on Wednesday.

The left at the end of last year, in the Us the MLS for a return to AC Milan, where he has already been in a ten-match action and it was good for four goals. He is supposed to be the last match of the Rossoneri have already agreed to play, because the Serie A is good for the corona virus, and for the next season in Milan remain, would The, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, don’t like. The Swede would have won the project of the new chief executive officer, Ivan Gazidis.

and That Milan does not fit in with the plans for the future of Ibrahimovic, as with the (forced) leave from the athletic director, Zvonimir Boban, after which an interview is being negative was spoken about the financial goings-on for the Rossoneri. By Boban had close range, his future in Milan is planned, one year of football and then manager.

at close range now lives in his native country after the outbreak of the corona virus quite managed, in the North of Italy. It is located in zelfisolatie in his home in Malmö, sweden, where he has to think about his future as a football player. According to the Italian sports section would be The “disappointed and bitter” considering his shoes are on the hook to hang it.

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