The state Duma has approved in the first reading a ban on fees for payment of utility services

the Bill, introduced the “United Russia” headed by Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin after approval of such action by the President. “It’s such chinagrate”, – said Vladimir Putin in conversation with the deputies. The idea is also supported by the Central Bank.

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the Amendments prohibit to charge citizens a fee for the transfer is not only a payment for premises and utilities, but also penalties, penalties, penalties for incomplete or late payment. The ban is introduced for banks and postal organizations.

Voters during the meetings with the deputies repeatedly asked to cancel the Commission at payment of utilities, said Vyacheslav Volodin, commenting on the initiative. “This is true, – he considers, – after all, utilities – mandatory part of the monthly expenses of each family, and for many older people, families with children, this Commission significant additional spending”.

One of the authors of the bill – the head of the Duma “United Russia” Sergei Neverov said that the Commission ranges from 0.5% to 2%. Regardless of how committed the payment in cash through the Bank, online or through an ATM.

Neverov also denied media reports of unscheduled increase in utility tariffs due to the implementation of such standards. “That is because a marginal level of growth of payment for utilities is limited”, – he noted.

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Also “scare” that resurosabaya organization will include the Commission in the tariff. However, it is directly forbidden by government decree, which comes into force in September this year, said the MP.

Another “horror story” – banks will no longer service, because it will suffer huge losses, and “almost the banking system will collapse” because the proposed draft law.

– There are instances when banks will not charge Commission from their customers-pensioners, because they are always on account of stable balance (and it is a profitable customer for the Bank), – said Neverov. – You can offer to reimburse these costs from the profits of resource companies, which is also not the last piece of bread eats.

the second reading profile Committee on housing policy and housing proposes to add to the document the recommendation to the government to take action against the inclusion of Commission in the utility tariffs. This was announced by the Chairman of the Committee Paul Kachkaev.

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As said the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on financial markets Igor Divinsky, in 2018, the enterprises of the housing sector has exhibited the Russians account for the amount of 2.63 trillion. The Commission even one percent of this amount to 26 billion But one percent is the average Commission, large banks it sometimes reaches 3%. “A choice to pay or not, the population does not exist”, – said the Deputy. It is especially annoying when the payment of one hundred rubles take forty rubles of the Commission – because it is “minimal”, he explained. That is, we have about 40% of the Commission! Thus, the total amount of fees from the citizens much more than 26 billion rubles, concluded Divinsky.

– This law is especially necessary in the current difficult conditions in connection with the distribution of coronavirussa – he stressed. – We need to help our citizens save their resources.