it is also True that in Brazil, in Argentina, people are quite conservative and reluctant to recognize the “foreign” stars. Similar applies to the legends of football – the Brazilian “king of football” Pele and Argentinean Diego Armando Maradona.

Both are always very cold spoke about the talent of each other, but after 2000 almost stopped talking, preferring to sling mud at each other in the press.

the fact that in 2000, the international Federation of football history and statistics has organized the election of the “Footballer of the century”. According to a survey of journalists and football veterans from various countries, Pele won by a large margin, and Maradona was not even in the top three.

At the same time, the international Federation of sports journalists, and then by FIFA named the best in the 20th century… Diego Armando

Almost twenty years of two kings tried to pinch his rival for the throne. Pele said that Maradona was jealous of his career and fame, and that is always in the shadow of the Brazilian. Argentinian retorted: “the Place Pele in the dusty archives of the Museum”.

In 2005, at the personal initiative of the head of FIFA Blatter two great players have met in the TV Studio, exchanging t-shirts and handshakes. It seemed that the hatchet is buried. But the next day, after mutual insults in the media it became clear that who remained in the same place.

to a miracle happened, it took a non-standard extreme situation – emergency on a global scale. During a pandemic coronavirus a discarded old grudges and become shoulder to shoulder in the fight against “the plague of the 21st century.” The first step towards peace did Maradona. As told “RG” our old friend, the famous Argentinian reporter Maxim angel Lopez Diego at a special auction sold some personal items and all funds donated to combat coronavirus. During the auction, he said Hello to Pele and asked him to support the action.

“Pele! It seems to me that now we have to rise above old quarrels and to say thank you to all those who are struggling with a terrible plague. Let’s forget what happened in the past, and will help those who find themselves in a difficult situation, and doctors, which make it impossible for the hospitals,” – said the ex-captain “albiceleste”.

the Brazilian king replied his colleague with a short video message in which he supported the campaign to raise funds for doctors, and burst into tears, called Maradona a great colleague.

Meanwhile, according to the website of the International sports press Association (AIPS), FIFA decided to hold its annual Congress online. A large gathering was to be held in Addis Ababa on June 5. Then because of the pandemic, the date appointed September 20. And here’s a new solution: the Congress will be held online on September 18.

it Seems to be nothing wrong: 136 Olympic IOC session, which was preparing to take on Aug�� Tokyo, will be held in the same mode. However, the famous English football commentator Keir Radnedge comes to somewhat different conclusions.

In his opinion, this suggests that current transport restrictions of all kinds can persist and fall. And respected football analyst asks a question. If you can not, for example, to fly a small group of people, then how will be able to move the team with their many staff?

And once Radnedge notices that the FIFA decision unwittingly casts doubt on the possibility of qualifying the qualifying matches of the world Cup and all club Cup competitions, the UEFA. They planned to resume this year a little later. But “later” is when?

One of the most experienced football journalists in Britain is trying to justify their concern. The decision to hold the FIFA Congress in online made on the recommendation of the Working group on the coronavirus, specially created by the richest international sports Federation in the world to continuously analyze the situation. A few relatively minor official tournaments held under the auspices of FIFA, has been postponed until February – March, and world Cup Futsal even in October 2021.

More than thirty years is familiar with the friend the Care Radnedge, and never seen any signs of pessimism. Well, we can only wait and hope.

in the meantime, according to the website of the Federation of Hungarian sports journalists, the championship of this country decided to resume on may 23. Completed by June 13.

of Course, the matches will be played in an empty stadium – there are no spectators. Colleagues are worried, for even the presence of journalists in the stands under a big question. Also on may 23 and will resume the football championship of the Czech Republic.

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