In Burundi continues the season despite the outbreak of the coronavirus, and Sunday they played three matches more.

While the soccer ball is quiet for the most part of the world, was that Sunday game appearances in four countries.

There were played three league matches in both Belarus, Tajikistan, Burundi, and Nicaragua. Leagues in the countries are not stopped, despite the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Reverien Ndikuriyo, the president of the Burundi football association, announced Sunday after a meeting that the two best ranks in the country will continue to settle matches.

There are, however, taken various precautions in Burundi, says minister for health Dr Thaddee Ndikumana, who was to the meeting.

He recommends that there should wash hands with chlorine, and that the fans should have taken the temperature before they come into the stadium.

– We also have the players to avoid to celebrate by kissing each other or throw themselves over each other, says Ndikumana.

Officially, three people infected with the corona virus in the east african country, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

– so far we have three people who have tested positive for the coronavirus. It is different in each country. We can’t shut the country down, just because other countries are shut down.

Reverien Ndikuriyo, who is also a politician and leader of the senate of Burundi, listening to the advice from the ministry of health.

– It is important, as some places can be 10,000 people in the stadium.

– the World follows us. We have information that several bookmakers now offer games on our championship, which is one of the few that is still in progress, he says.

While the season in Burundi is nearing completion with three rounds left, so was the season in Tajikistan on Sunday opened with three league games.

The three matches in Tajikistan was played without spectators.