The service for automatic selection of anti-crisis support measures for business, working on the website of the Moscow Economic Support Center, was placed on the platform of the best regional practices of the Smarteca Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), said Kirill Purtov, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development of the city.

The selection of the necessary measures is carried out in a few clicks: from the drop-down list, you need to select the field of activity, organizational form, business size or specify the direction of support. The system will automatically show all available measures: tax benefits and deferrals, exemption and reduction of rental rates, employment support, subsidies and grants, industry regulation, preferential lending, administrative breaks and more.

According to Kirill Purtov, the federal government and the regions are actively implementing anti-crisis measures necessary for business, and promptly communicating this information to potential consumers is especially important. Moscow is ready to share its experience in this direction. With the help of the Smarteca platform, the practices successfully applied in the capital will be able to be seen in other regions.

He noted that the most popular sections were “Daily monitoring of regional restrictions and responsibilities for businesses related to COVID-19”, “Algorithms for business” and “Algorithms for the self-employed”, “Unified Data Warehouse”, “Supplier Portal”, “Creating a digital career environment at the university”.

«“Smarteca is a platform for the exchange of best regional practices, where you can present your successful cases and adopt the experience of colleagues. The service for automatic selection of support measures in Moscow was published on “Smartecke” and is now available for replication in the regions. We consider it an effective tool for business support and recommend colleagues to study and implement the project in their regions,” said Ilya Mamykin, Director of the Smarteca ASI Practice Center.

More information about the economic policy and property and land relations of Moscow is on the website .