Higher prices at Coca-Cola, a spaghetti recall at Kaufland and more: In this article we summarize the consumer topics of the week for you.

Whether it’s Aldi, Lidl, Rewe or Kaufland: the supermarkets, discounters and drugstores are constant companions for most Germans – be it for large weekend shopping or for a quick snack during the lunch break. Product recalls or production stops are therefore very relevant for many. The same also applies to company insolvencies or important innovations at Sparkasse and changes for drivers and Co. In this article we inform you about the most important innovations, changes and all other events that affect German consumers.

German consumers must note a noodle recall: the product sold at Kaufland can have taste and odor impairments. Consumption is therefore strongly discouraged.

Coca-Cola is planning another price increase in the new year. In addition, the mixed alcohol drink Topo Chico was soon withdrawn from sale. The details:

Audi has been struggling with supply bottlenecks for some time. A board member has now revealed in an interview that, in her opinion, the chances are “50/50” that the company will still exist in ten years.

Currently, customers from Aldi Nord, Aldi Süd and Kaufland have to watch out for recalls. The discounters and grocers are recalling pistachio nuts because tests have found a dangerous mold toxin

Sparkasse customers can look forward to a new payment function. The digital Girocard can now be used to pay in many online shops.

Edeka is again arguing with a major manufacturer about the selling prices. This time it’s Procter

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