With a view to helping parents protect, moisturize and relieve the skin of their infants, pharmacist Sophie Châtillon has just launched Maison Paréa. The secret of this range designed and manufactured in Quebec? Manicouagan clay, a local ingredient rich in micronutrients, such as iron and calcium. At the moment, the collection includes three products. Very useful during diaper changes, the moisturizing liniment and diaper cream aim to prevent and reduce inflammation linked to diaper rash. For its part, the soothing body lotion, very pleasant to apply, relieves baby’s dry skin.

“Did I move a lot when I was in your belly?” “Do we look alike, you and me?” “Did I guess you were my mom?” In the magnificent album My Music Tree, an adopted girl questions her mother about her origins. Inspired by her own experience, author Catherine Voyer-Léger offers a sensitive and poetic story that will surely facilitate the opening of a dialogue on adoption in many families.

Multidisciplinary artist Maude Boutin St-Pierre dreams of raising a child with her great friend, author and comedian Kathleen Laurin McCarthy. Is this legally possible in Quebec? How do families who have chosen to evolve outside of the traditional model do? In a six-episode podcast on the border between autofiction, radio theater and documentary investigation, Maude Boutin St-Pierre and her collective Vénus à vélo meet people who experience their parenthood differently, including single mothers and a family of three adults. Kinship – In search of a family that looks like us raises very relevant questions about love, friendship and co-parenting.

More than 10 years after the publication of his best-selling book Pensouillard le hamster, Dr Serge Marquis is back with a new book in which he takes up the image of this little beast that runs constantly through people’s heads and “makes loop of unnecessary, negative, often guilt-inducing thoughts. This time, the author is speaking more specifically to parents in order to equip them so that they can help their children to allay their harmful concerns. With everyday examples and a touch of humour, Dr. Serge Marquis demonstrates that “the art of presence” can benefit the whole family.