The Russians can start to fail EN masse

this is stated in a study conducted by the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (available to the “Russian newspaper”). It is noted that in 2019, according to the project “Medresurs”, the courts have declared bankrupt 980 68 thousand Russian citizens, including individual entrepreneurs. In 2020, the bankrupt may become at least 140 thousand people. And with the planned simplification of the procedure of bankruptcy of citizens, their number could rise to 300 thousand people.

the economic development Ministry has proposed a moratorium on the bankruptcy at the request of the creditors

Another 3% of Russians are ready today to ask the Bank about credit vacation, or know about such intentions among their friends and acquaintances. It is 4 times more than a year ago. In 2020, the number of recipients of such benefits can be up to 200 thousand people.

measures to facilitate access to credit vacation and simplifying the procedure of bankruptcy of natural persons was partially implemented by the government before the crisis. However, in March, amid economic difficulties, exacerbated by the development of the epidemic of the coronavirus, they become particularly relevant. Now the government is preparing an additional set of measures that will allow the Russians who are in difficult economic situation, to pass a bankruptcy procedure in extrajudicial simplified manner with minimal costs. Also proposed a package of measures on simplification of procedure of obtaining of vacation credit.

In Germany began the payment of unpaid benefits unemployed

as a result of the financial University survey, the greatest demand for the simplified procedure of bankruptcy was recorded in such cities as Moscow, Tolyatti, Astrakhan, Smolensk and Krasnodar. Less potential bankrupts in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Makhachkala, and Yakutsk and Grozny.

The biggest potential applicants credit vacation study documented in the following cities: Sochi, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Yaroslavl and Krasnodar. Least of all applicants for vacation credit in Mfacile, Grozny, Simferopol, Chita and Barnaul.