The Russian national team on biathlon will be headed by Valery Polkhovsky

Russian national Team on biathlon will be headed by Valery Polkhovsky the national Team of Russia in biathlon will be headed by Valery Polkhovsky
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Valery Polkhovsky will be appointed to the post of chief coach of the national team of Russia on biathlon. The decision was taken Friday at a meeting of the Board of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU).

As the press service of the RBU, it was decided to submit the candidacy of Valery Bolhovskogo to the position of head coach for national teams in biathlon season 2020/21 for approval to the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation.

You Polkhovsky before April 20 should submit to the Board for approval a draft of the coaching staff for next season.

In the previous two seasons, the Russian team was headed by Anatoly Kovantsev. Men’s team of Russia was supervised by Sergey Belozerov, female – Vitaly Noritsyn.

Polkhovsky is the Vice-President of the RBU for the organization of activities of national teams of Russia. In the last few years he has also worked with teams of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Valery Polkhovsky will form the coaching staff, Analytics group and service teams. Then offer Valery Nikolaevich will go to the Board for approval of the RBU.

other decisions of the Board of the RBU can be found here:

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Polkhovsky has said that in the coming days SBR will consult with the Olympic Committee of Russia on the subject of financial support for the remuneration of foreign coaches who will engage with the national team.

“We will continue to communicate with personal coaches, athletes, regional trainers. Due to the difficult economic situation in the country and in the world to conduct a series of consultations with the Olympic Committee of Russia, Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation, if we are talking about inviting trainers from abroad. And this is planned. But we are talking about the Russian – speaking coaches,” Polkhovsky said in an interview with TASS.

last season, the Russian team has not won a single victory at the world Cup, setting a record for the number of races without medals. At the same time, Alexander Loginov on the world Cup men’s team of the country the first in 12 years, gold in the individual competition.