The RRF Board will consider calls for the resignation Drachev at the meeting on 6 April

the story of the letter in which the biathlon community has expressed a vote of no confidence to the current head of the RBU, Recalling the failures of both sporting and administrative, evoked a wide response on the Internet.

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the Essence of the claims of the authors of the letter is simple – over two years in power, Vladimir Drachev has not made progress in the results of the team, added to that were problems with the restoration of the full membership of the organization in the International biathlon Union, is a clear lack of sponsors the lack of constructive dialogue with the Russian Olympic Committee and Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation, as well as unsuccessful personnel and administrative policies at the level of the coaching staff of the national team.

“We think it is reasonable to recommend you voluntarily resign of the President and continue as a member of the Board of the RBU. The decision – who in the remaining time before the next (or extraordinary, if it comes off), the conference time will perform the duties of the President, let him take the Board,” the letter reads.

among the other signatories were listed and two-time Olympic champion Anna Bogaliy. Correspondent “RG” has decided to check with former biathlete details the appearance of the letter, but here the author of these lines was a surprise. “Yeah, I saw this letter, but his signature under it did not and do not understand where that came from, sincerely indignant Bogaliy. – Now, you understand.”

Later, two-time Olympic champion said he did not support the methods of struggle of the authors of the letter and encouraged all stakeholders to discuss the existing problems face to face.

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“I’m always for an open and honest dialogue, for the result of their deeds, not accusations. Don’t want to go into the text and other details, don’t want to find the initiators and performers. I want to say very sincerely that people who made it, chose not only the right method, but not the right time. I do not want to discuss the results of the activities of SBR, especially considering that at this point is the coaching Board of the RBU in absentia, and all have the full right to evaluate, and to Express their position in accordance with the approved regulations. We are all now faced with a terrible danger for everyone, therefore it is necessary to direct all our strength and our energies on combating the pandemic coronavirus and their actions, their example to show everyone how to survive this difficult situation. At this time, we are obliged to unite their forces, their energy, their knowledge, experience, abilities, opportunities and to overcome these trials and challenges. This now need to deal with, it affects our life and how the world will happen next,” – said Anna Bogaliy with “RG” the text of his address to the fans and members of the biathlon family.

“as for the management of the RBU and veterans biathlon, one must first understand themselves, to understand and appreciate what each has done and is doing for our sport, for our biathlon family. And only then, after their concrete actions, to make any recommendations or criticism. And to speak openly, face to face, discussing in a constructive way. Only in this version we can create your biathlon family and become a part of the world. Always very sadly to hear comments of our veterans (it’s not about the age) about what they know and can do everything and see the bugs, but for some reason don’t go out and do real work. Therefore, the first demand should be that with myself. I personally madel doing? After that you can assess their strength – will I be able to do it? Continue to have or to do or to be “an expert” with his opinion. I guess we all have certain issues to the activities of the SBR and its leadership, but it is certainly not necessary to find out right now and especially in this form” – sure Bogaliy.

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as for the response to this letter, the head of the RBU Vladimir Drachev has already declared that does not intend to leave his post.

“those Wishing to enjoy the failures we always have a lot. Better would have helped, because the success everyone is happy, but as something does not work, then all fade away and say that we are innocent, and blame other people. The only problem that they present, brought no Drachev. On the contrary, the past two years we try to eliminate them,” said Drachev TASS.

In SBR, the Agency stated that the letter of Russian biathlon calling for the resignation of the President of the RBU, the Board will consider on 6 April via videoconference.