Who says back to school, says return from lunches. What should be put in the children’s box? What accessories can you get? Our journalists have gone around the question.

A lunch can be delicious, quick to prepare AND inexpensive. Marie-Michelle Garon and Vicky Payeur, who have written affordable recipe books, demonstrate it here. Here are their $5 lunch box suggestions.

The price of the grocery cart is expected to increase by 5% to 7% in 2023, or $1000 more for a family of two adults and two teenagers. How do you fill lunch boxes without emptying your wallet? Here are 12 practical tips.

One, two, three, ready or not, we hop back to school with one resolution in mind: make lunch. Sometimes it takes a little push to get motivated, sometimes more. Our journalist offers you 10 accessories to boost your motivation and make your life easier.

When kids and parents team up to pack lunches, everyone wins. “I notice that it really helps me,” confirms nutritionist Mélanie Magnan, mother of two boys. “When young people cook, they feel a lot of pride,” observes Dahlia ChanTang, who leads cooking workshops. Here are six tips to inspire your kids to get involved too.

“This book, I love it madly! I worked on it day and night,” says the author of Buenos Diaz! with contagious enthusiasm. When asked what drives her brand image, she hesitates. “I don’t know, maybe there’s a part of generosity in me that touches people…” This is what we will say after this interview: Alexandra Diaz gives by taking nothing for acquired.

It’s shopping time! Our team selects for you new products to get you – or not – in your mouth. Our journalists offer you suggestions specially intended for lunch boxes.