A vaccine against coronavirus American company Moderna is one of the most famous promising drugs in this area. Its development began in January of this year, the first phase of clinical trials, the company moved in March and the second in may, almost a month before the start of the first phase of testing of the Russian vaccine Center Gamalei. In June, Moderna has issued a press release about the positive preliminary results of the first phase of trials, and in early July published data in scientific work.

About alerts portal Contagion Live told a virologist at the Center for infection and immunity at Columbia University Angela Rasmussen.

“Three of the test participants had to withdraw from the testing process because, as stated in the study “systemic adverse reactions”. Details about the severity of the symptoms is not described, however, as previously said one of the participants in an interview to some media reports, he lost consciousness, he had extremely high fever and dizziness and severe vomiting. That’s some pretty serious side effects for the vaccine. In this issue first phase of testing — they are so few volunteers that the frequency of side effects may be difficult to assess. This is a casual event or at the next stages of these symptoms will meet more often?”

Interim results of the first phase of testing of the Russian vaccine Center Gamalei is more positive. And in Sechenovskiy University, and the hospital of the defense Ministry said about minimal side effects — however, unlike the Moderna, we are talking about statements and press releases, not on publishing scientific research. Despite the “systemic adverse reactions”, the American regulator gave the company permission to launch a large-scale phase III trials, which should take up to 30 thousand people. According to CNN, it is expected that the recruitment of volunteers, some of whom will receive the vaccine and some a placebo, could begin as early as this Monday. After the introduction of the vaccine, the volunteers will not be observed in isolation, but will continue to live a normal life. And this is the fundamental difference between the third phase from the previous one, said in an interview Conversation The researcher Vanderbilt University in Tennessee Sanjay Mishra.

“so far, studies have shown only that the introduction of this drug in the human body it starts to produce certain antibodies. But we don’t know whether there are sufficient levels of antibodies in order to protect people from the virus. All currently available results were obtained, as they say, in vitro, in vitro — not in the real world. Therefore, we need to wait for confirmation that elevated levels of certain antibodies do callallows to prevent infection COVID-19”.

Despite the great expectations placed on the vaccine Moderna way the US government and investors of the company, to think while early. Over its ten-year history Moderna has not launched a single drug, although he participated in joint projects with AstraZeneca, the developer of another well-known in the West, promising vaccines against coronavirus.

Nevertheless, over the six months since the announcement of the development of a drug action, Moderna has tripled, and the news of the imminent transition to the third phase of testing in the moment is raised in half. As for Russia, head of the Center Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg has previously stated that mass trials of this vaccine could begin in mid-August.

As told on Friday the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, vaccination against coronavirus in Russia will be free. “As soon as it arrives we will begin the vaccination campaign,” said the mayor. Sobyanin expressed hope that the vaccine will register in the coming weeks, after which the city authorities plan to organize the work with manufacturers.