The premiere of the film

the Movie “Fairy” completes the author’s trilogy Anna Melikyan, began the film “mermaid” (2007) and “Star” (2014). The plot of the new tape – the owner of a large Empire video games (Konstantin Khabensky) and a young, slightly eccentric activist who dreams of becoming an actress (Yekaterina Ageyeva). Casual acquaintance with the girl and a series of subsequent events lead to the hero’s life changes drastically. The film also starred Ingeborga Dapkunaite (“Burnt by the sun”, “About love. Only for adults”), Nikita Elenev (“Summer”, “Better than people”), Tinatin Dalakishvili Gocha (“Star”, “Hostage”), Maria Shalaeva (“the mermaid”, “About love”) and others.

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“Fairy” was my most unusual film with the longest by creating. What is it about the movie for me? While I was working on it, the meanings changed periodically. When I wrote the script, thought it was about the destiny of man. When filming, thought it was about love. When assembled, saw that it was about the meeting of soul mates. Now I think that this film is about how people came into contact with the mystery that he can not comprehend this. In any case, inside the movie anyway somehow coexist all these meanings, and, I think, different people will respond in the soul of some of these themes, and maybe a new born. Let’s see,” – says Anna Melikyan on “Fairy.”

“RG” wrote several times about this project. About how it was defended in various departments, pretending to be financial support. Tape scale – due to the fact that it was necessary to create an Empire of video games. In the end, “Fairy” is supported not only by government agencies but also by the Foundation “Kinoprom” Roman Abramovich.