Since this is in accordance with §21, Para. 1 of the road traffic act to constitute a Crime, taken by the police even two criminal cases.

This happened:

In the course of their Patrol had noticed police officers around 11:30 PM a grey Skoda, who was on Easter Sunday and, therefore, outside the opening Hours in the Parking lot of a large super market on the graurheindorfer Straße back and forth. In the case of the control of the car, the officers discovered that it was led by a 16-year-old long fields. In the passenger seat of his 45-year-old father who were sitting want to practice driving with his son in the car.

The police officers informed the father that not only his son committed due to driving without a licence a criminal Offence, but also he himself, as he had admitted, as the holder of a motor vehicle that someone takes the car, has the necessary driving licence.

Thus, the police had to launch officials in the end two criminal cases: one against the 45-year-old owner of the vehicle-and one against his 16-year-old son.

police calls:

Please let the “private driving lessons” in publicly accessible places. It does not matter whether these take place on supermarket car parks, residents Parking areas or Parking areas in commercial areas. As soon as the Parking for all participants in traffic are freely accessible, you may not be used for exercise purposes. This is also the case if the land is in private ownership.

police advice:

Who wants private practice to drive a car, you can do this usually for a small fee, on an official traffic practice course – prerequisite: a passenger must be on Board who possesses a valid driver’s license.

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