76 Ads for violation of the infection protection act. It is, for example, violations of the prohibition of Contact (such as garden parties or gatherings around a campfire) and directions of tourists from vacation or second homes.

The operations information obtained by Citizens, as well as its own findings in the course of the strip’s activities and in the course of mutual assistance to the competent Offices of the counties.

are thematically diverse, the information of citizens is wide: from the alleged tourist who could stay in the neighborhood, on MV non-marking, larger collections, for example, of young people in the Public use of game and sports grounds, or in violation of the second home scheme.

Since the 19th century. March were also controlled more than 8000 vehicles. Around 700 vehicles were rejected border of MV and to the country. More than 1200 people were affected in this context of the eviction orders.

The emergency call volume in March increased in comparison to the prior-year period at a minimum. The reason why citizens choose the 110, has adapted to the current Situation. It accidents, so there’s less phone calls because of traffic or Shoplifting, but to report possible violations of the infection protection act. These notes will then draw in the result, basically a police force for the verification of the disclosures. Overall, we find that increasingly of the possibility of ads refund on the Internet guard, as well as of the written notice of refund is made use of. We strongly recommend that the emergency number 110, is chosen just in case of emergencies.

to keep the contact prohibition still exists, we appeal to the population, the guidelines of the state government for prohibition of Contact. In addition, we point again especially with a view to the Easter holidays, the fact that tourist travel to the Land of MV are prohibited!

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