The Pentagon has received an SOS signal from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

the Pentagon has received an SOS signal from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier the Pentagon has received an SOS signal from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” have more than 100 sailors coronavirus, need evacuation
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the Captain of a US Navy aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” (Theodore Roosevelt) were sent to the Pentagon for an emergency message asking for immediate help and saving the crew. In the limited space in the Parking lot near the island of GUAM (U.S. possession in the Pacific ocean) on the aircraft carrier recorded outbreak of coronavirus.

Dozens of soldiers, were tested for the new coronavirus-type SARS-CoV-2, which causes atypical pneumonia COVID-19, were positive. In the near future can get infected the vast majority of the crew, which includes more than 4,000 people.

“We are not at war. Sailors should not perish,” wrote captain Brett crozier in his report dated March 30 and sent to the U.S. Department of defense. The captain considers it necessary to quarantine almost the entire crew. But, as he said, with a large number of sailors live in small cabins, isolation of cases is impossible.

On Board the spread of the infection accelerates, the captain warned. He insists: “we Need decisive action.”

the Evacuation of the majority of the sailors serving on the nuclear aircraft carrier, and their isolation for a few weeks is an emergency measure. But this is a necessary risk, says the captain.

Despite the fact that the commander of the Pacific fleet, Admiral John Aquilina said that none of the moRakov not hospitalized, and no one is in critical condition, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy, responding to a question by Reuters, said that urgent measures were taken to ensure the health and safety of the crew of the USS “Theodore Roosevelt”. A former Admiral of the naval forces of the United States, former Supreme commander of the armed forces of NATO in Europe, James Stavridis has warned that in the near future the us Navy will find a lot of similar incidents, as military ships – an ideal environment for the spread of coronavirus”.

according to the BBC, there is no precise information on the number of infected soldiers on the aircraft carrier. On 27 March it was reported that a coronavirus was detected in approximately 25 sailors. Then the command has conducted a total test of the entire crew. As a result, it was revealed contaminated, has not been reported. The newspaper The San Francisco Chronicle writes that the coronavirus was confirmed in more than 100 sailors.

But broadcaster CNN reported that the real figure is impossible to obtain, as in the case of explosive growth in the number of infected the Pentagon needs to classify the statistics to the flagship of the American fleet did not look vulnerable in the eyes of a potential enemy, especially China and South Korea.

the Representative of the US defense Department told CNN that at the second American aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, an outbreak of infection with coronavirus – there tests also gave positive results in the “group of sailors”.

as of 1 April, in the United States from the coronavirus died 4053 person, and the number of infected is approaching 190 thousand.