This house located in the popular area of ​​Glenmount, Marianne Boulay and Louis-Philippe Rochefort discovered it somewhat by chance, while visiting friends. From the unexpected comment of the broker to the astonishment of an entrepreneur, they tell us their story.

Returning to Montreal in 2015 after living in Toronto for a few years, Marianne Boulay and Louis-Philippe Rochefort fell in love when they passed by a small house for sale on chemin Churchill, in Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame- de-Grâce, where they went to visit friends. “We found it really charming, so we called the broker to visit it and I was a little surprised that she told me upfront that the kitchen was small and impossible to expand,” says Ms. Boulay.

This remark does not dissuade either Marianne Boulay or her spouse from going to see on the spot. “I understood why she had mentioned it when she saw it, because indeed, it was tiny and there was nothing to be done to modify it. Besides this negative point, both notice the detail of the woodwork, the fireplace framed by arched niches in the living room, the beautiful maple floors… In short, they are under the spell and are thinking about possibilities for expansion.

The large size of the land also appeals to them, especially since Marianne Boulay loves to garden. So they buy it and contact architect Krystel Flamand to guide them in their project.

The architect thus kept a portion of the roof and the structure of the old residence, then created a very harmonious extension. The surface has almost tripled, but it is visually imperceptible. “We went from about 1,000 square feet to 2,645 square feet without the basement,” informs Louis-Philippe Rochefort. The basement was dug to support the main extension and to accommodate a fourth bedroom, a third bathroom, the family room and the laundry room. The floors are radiant to maximize comfort and there is plenty of light, thanks to the enlarged windows. All the windows in the house have also been changed. They are aluminum on the outside for a modern look, and wood on the inside for a more natural look.

On the ground floor, the staircase has been moved and a boudoir serving as a TV area and library replaces the mini-kitchen. The large formal living room overlooks the dining room and the new kitchen. The masters of the place like to receive there and enjoy the fireplace. “The first thing we did in the house was to put in a wood-burning insert that met Montreal standards, because we didn’t want to convert it to a gas appliance,” continues Mr. Rochefort.

The couple pleasantly surprised one of the contractors, who thought that the fireplace and its mantel were doomed to disappear in favor of a contemporary fireplace, which they are frequently asked about on their renovation sites. The niches equipped with shelves framing the fireplace are also original and the whole brings a lot of character to the room. The maple floor has regained its former glory and Marianne Boulay removed each nail from that of an upstairs bedroom and recovered it to dress the floor of the new boudoir, in order to create a beautiful effect of continuity. “We worked with an entrepreneur [Charles Barrière, from Pareco] and other professionals because unfortunately we don’t have that expertise, but we got involved as much as we could. Above all, we were present to ensure that everything went well, ”adds Louis-Philippe Rochefort.

A modern atmosphere also reigns upstairs, but nothing is sterile, thanks to warm material choices, lovely wave-patterned ceramic tiles and cabochons in the two bathrooms, as well as new wood floors to match the those on the ground floor.

An avid gardener, Marianne Boulay wanted elaborate landscaping. “I created it so that I could always cut flowers to make bouquets every season. »

The small house, which has become very large, requires a lot of maintenance and the purchase of another property in the Laurentians doubles the work. “We were thinking of renting it when we bought it last year, but in the end, we really like being there,” says Louis-Philippe Rochefort.

The couple therefore decided not to rent it out to enjoy it often, and to sell their beautiful house on Churchill Road to live in a smaller place in town. They will have more time to pamper their country house, another testimony to their love for old homes since it dates from 1903.

Asking price: $2,349,000

Municipal assessment: $1,429,300

Year built: 1949

Lot size: 5226 ft⁠2

Living area (basement excluded): approx. 2645 ft⁠2

Property tax: $7881

School tax: $924

Brokers: Caroline Doyle and Carolyn Forget, Royal LePage Urban