Owners open the doors of their exceptional home to us, offered on the resale market

Ten years ago, Jean-René Carle-Mossdorf and his wife Noémi lived in a sunny condo in a condominium building in the Plateau. They scoured the neighborhood, looking for a bright house with a sun-drenched yard. It was so important to them that they only considered properties on the resale market with an even address. Then they fell in love with a home that was nearly completed on rue De Bullion.

“We started from a condo on the 7th floor, with a lot of light, and all the houses we visited in the Plateau were dark and had no courtyard, recalls Noémi. Here, the ceilings are high, there are two skylights and the courtyard is sunny. »

“For us, it was important,” adds Jean-René. The yard is relatively large. We have a terrace with a large parasol and a paddling pool for children. We removed the double garage to have a grassy courtyard. We open the door and the dog runs. It’s really great. »

The two-story home, with a basement, was nearly complete when the couple visited. Built to harmoniously complement a disparate set of townhouses, it stands in place of an old bungalow. The contractor had demolished everything to rebuild.

“He was French and he did a lot of townhouses outside of Montreal,” says Jean-René. It had always been his ideal to make a house in the Plateau, to his liking. It was almost a professional whim to build a house from scratch and finish it with us. We consider ourselves really lucky, because it was out of the ordinary. He was very proud. Our staircase lined with a large window is still on the site of Boiseries Raymond, who made it. »

The owners moved in in June 2013. Their eldest daughter was born in 2014. Even though the house is 15ft (4.5m) wide, they don’t feel cramped thanks to the high ceilings and fabricated furniture. custom made.

She likes the open space downstairs…and the presence of a basement, where their children, now ages 8, 6 and 2, go to play.

“We have three hyper-functional floors and the basement is definitely the children’s one,” says Noémi. When we are in the living area on the ground floor, we do not see the toys because we are not in the middle of a playground. When we receive, it is super pleasant. We see the courtyard while cooking and everyone is on the same floor. It’s very friendly. And when you need to be apart, that’s fine too. »

From the age of 2 years and 4 months, after the birth of her little sister, the eldest took up residence in the basement. “It’s not a scary place,” says Noémi. She was happy to go. She had a big bed and she was not disturbed by the crying of the baby. Since the basement is a playroom, she was in her element. This is where she spent most of her day. This was no problem at bedtime. She was very independent. »

The birth of a third child has confused the cards. The two oldest share the bedroom in the basement, while the baby sleeps upstairs. The parents want the little girls to each have their own room.

“When we came from the condo, it was big,” recalls Jean-René. We were just two. The basement was huge to us. When we moved in, I put the drums I played with when I was young. The house has really grown with us. For a couple with one or two children, it is ideal. But now, at five, it’s the limit. »

“We will have to mourn, recognizes Noémi. We really like neighborhood life. The school is two blocks away, I walk to go to the office and to daycare. But that no longer works. »

The decision to sell their home was difficult to make, but it is the right one for their family.

Asking price: $1,450,000

Year built: 2013

Description: Located at 4604, rue De Bullion, the semi-detached house has three bedrooms, one of which is in the basement. A bathroom is upstairs and another in the basement, which has heated floors. A terrace has been set up at the back. There is direct access to the courtyard, on the side of the house.

Municipal assessment: $1,297,600 (2021)

Property tax (2021): $6960

School tax (2021): $936

Living area: 2017 ft⁠2 (187.35 m⁠2) including basement

Lot Size: 1365 ft⁠2 (126.8 m⁠2)

Real Estate Broker: Sabine Karsenti, Sutton-Immobilia Group