Built on two overhanging lots in a peaceful neighborhood near downtown Magog, Lise Leblanc’s house transports us to the other side of the border as soon as she opens her door to us.

The lovely village of Kennebunkport, located in York Township, Maine, has always inspired Lise Leblanc. There are houses typical of the Nantucket style, synonymous with freshness, nautical spirit and timeless elegance creating an undeniable atmosphere of relaxation. And this is precisely the effect felt when entering Mrs. Leblanc’s… in addition to having the impression of being on vacation. “All the people who visit me tell me that they feel so good at my place that they would like to stay here,” she rejoices.

However, before arriving at this state of well-being, this designer who has also worked for prestigious lifestyle magazines has experienced many obstacles. “When my husband died, his children inherited the house; they let me live there for a few years, then they decided to sell it. She was on Lake Massawippi, in Ayer’s Cliff, and the transaction was completed in July 2020, so in the midst of a pandemic,” she says.

There were plenty of waterfront condos, but Lise Leblanc preferred a house. “My real estate agent told me there was one in Magog that I might like. I clicked on the ad at 2 a.m. and that was exactly what I wanted. All the same, she had to plan some major changes so that she could arrange it to her liking.

Once the keys are in her pocket, Ms. Leblanc settles in one of the two bedrooms in the basement to isolate herself from the work planned for the upper floors. And finally, it is still there, because this very comfortable level also includes a bathroom and a living room.

The renovations lasted a year in complicated conditions to find materials and respect sanitary measures. The gray gypsum of the walls has disappeared, giving way to wooden slats, and brick now dresses the fireplace mantel. Everything, including the ceiling and its beams, was painted white. “I always use Benjamin Moore’s OC-118 because it’s an enveloping warm white,” says the landlady, who hired cabinetmakers to ensure the finishes were impeccable.

In addition to the many exclusive elements, she selected furniture and accessories in Europe, but especially in the United States, for lack of finding in Quebec the rare pearls she wanted to give cachet and presence to her home. It is his attention to detail as well as his very selective choices that personalize his interior. She is also ready to sell her furniture and objects to buyers who would like to keep the atmosphere intact.

“I make my life here; it’s a luminous cocoon and I enjoy the view of the mountains, the lake and the extraordinary sunsets without leaving my house. I’ve lived in about 20 houses and this is the most spectacular,” she said.

If she could, Lise Leblanc would stay in her villa, but she has to leave it because of her increasing health problems: “It’s a house of happiness that is always bright and in which you want to stay all the time, but I have difficulty climbing stairs because I have fibromyalgia and acute polyarthritis. So I’m moving into a waterfront condo in Ayer’s Cliff. »

According to her, the dimensions and configuration of her property would meet the needs of a family with two children or a couple wishing to accommodate their guests, while maintaining the privacy of each.

Asking price: $1,495,000

Municipal assessment: $516,600

Description: 12-room two-storey house offering a view of Lake Memphremagog and the mountain, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Year built: 1988

Land area: 1723.8 m⁠2

Property tax: $4311

School tax: $509

Real Estate Broker: Maxime Pothier, Century 21 Estrie