It all started with a wardrobe. A simple cupboard that did not quite belong in the hallway of the house. “We brought in a contractor to move it. A small affair that was to last three weeks, remembers Sophie Rémillard. Then we started dreaming, making plans. »

Six months later, the contractor had transformed the house from A to Z.

The result is a modern and neat house at all levels. Most impressive ? It was Sophie and her husband Steve who designed (and sometimes executed) the modifications to this distinct house with mid-century tones.

Sophie and Steve are multi-talented. Jack-of-all-trades at ease with both the arts and numbers. Creative, inventive and, above all, passionate about design, they were looking for a house with a particular architecture. It was not so much the geographical location that attracted them to this house (note that it is adjoining the Boucherville Golf Club), but its sleek look, on one level, in a quiet street. The land with no neighbors in the back is a bonus for those active people… who don’t play golf!

The house had been designed by the previous owner, according to what the new owners discovered during the renovations. “Madame had everything planned, there were two heating systems, two water heaters, a dinette, a stone fireplace… lists Steve. Even in 1978 [the year the house was built], she must have had a deep attachment to the mid-century architecture characteristic of the 1950s and 1960s.”

When the young couple moved in 11 years ago, the house was empty. “We saw the huge potential, but we thought we would take our time, do the renovations a little bit at a time. That’s not what happened. Between 2012 and 2013, the family lived in dust and hammer blows. “We redid everything. »

The kitchen is inspired by those of the 1960s with its oversized low windows that the owners have enlarged to allow natural light to filter in. “Sometimes people ask us if the rooms are dark because there are no openings in the facade. But as you can see…” Indeed. We visited the house during a particularly gray day without being obliged to enlighten us.

The new windows replaced the old ones, which made it possible to include tilt-and-turn models. Some frames have also been widened, and metal supports that obstructed the view have been eliminated. In the living room, for example, where the openings used to consist of 12 panels, there are now 6.

Under the window, a large work surface also in quartz allows you to take your ease. At the other end, Sophie has paired a bench-shaped dinette area adjacent to the island. The youngest of the three children likes to perch on it to “help”. Despite the large table in the dining room (made to measure by a cabinetmaker), the family finds themselves regularly at the banquette. “Steve wasn’t sure at first, but it’s one of his favorite spots now,” smiled Sophie, who was sure.

Walnut elements are found everywhere. An inspiration that comes from the wooden beams and slats of the ceiling and floor and that creates a common thread for each room. “We didn’t touch the ceiling, it was perfect. »

The other topic of conversation is undoubtedly the fireplace installed in the center of the common rooms as well as its “sunken sofa”, or sunken living room. A feature that the owners have chosen to keep.

The four bedrooms are located on the other side of the house. The wing is separated by a sliding door. There are two full bathrooms, one in the master bedroom and the other at the end of the hallway.

The couple cleaned up the basement and created a multifunctional room. There is the home theatre, the space for music and video games, the ping-pong table, the craft corner and the double desk where parents can work face to face. There is also a gym, a bathroom and a guest bedroom. The 1,000-bottle wine cellar is empty, with Sophie and Steve buying their good bottles one by one.

Why leave this house they have so pampered? Because the two greats will continue their studies in Montreal next year. The next stage of the life of this close-knit family will therefore take place in the city. Goodbye, suburbia!

Asking price: $2,250,000

Municipal assessment: $1,021,800

Year built: 1978

Description: 15 rooms including 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 powder room, 1 two-sided wood fireplace. Finished basement. Land adjacent to the golf club, inground pool, double garage.

Land area: 15,717 ft⁠2

Property tax: $5574

School tax: $841

Courtière : Christiane Roy, RE/MAX Signature