See that green bubble sign? This is the mold that was used to make the decor of the program En direct de l’univers. If you press this panel, after doing a little secret manipulation, Ali Baba’s cave opens. Don’t adjust your device to the sight of all those old TVs. We are here in the lair of director Luc Sirois, in the basement of his house in Cité-Jardin.

This house, built in the 1940s, was completely redone in 2019, under the leadership of Luc Sirois and his wife, Noémie Caplette. “We bought an address. We knew the house was damaged and needed love. We wanted to redo it to our liking,” summarizes Mr. Sirois.

An address in Cité-Jardin, where the streets are named after trees, provides a lifestyle that combines space, tranquility and greenery, while being in the heart of the city. A perfect combination for someone who was raised on a farm, but whose life today is punctuated by the frenzy of filming shows such as Live from the Universe, Chanteurs masqués, ComediHa, Les imposteurs… Freelancers, Mr. Sirois and Mrs. Caplette, director of photography, work for all the channels. “Rolling, fits this one.” Me, I take a lot less, for the family. In fact, three kids in the background keeps her world busy. “No four, with the dog,” corrects Lou, the youngest.

Inspired by the British City Beautiful movement, the Cité-Jardin du Tricentenaire project aimed to build 300 individual houses in a quadrangle in the east of Rosemont (then the suburbs), to provide a healthy and pleasant living environment for Montreal working-class families. Particular attention was paid to the environment, in particular with dead-end streets, greenery and proximity to community services, including a park. The Economic Housing Union, instigator of the project, had 167 houses built between 1942 and 1947, before this organization went bankrupt. The house we are looking at today is one of the 167 lucky ones.

It was with mechanical shovels that our couple undertook theirs, after enlisting the services of an architect and a general contractor. Noémie Caplette, herself the daughter of a general construction contractor, was heavily involved in the project. “I stopped working for a year to supervise the work. There was always something to decide,” says the one who also designed the kitchen.

During the works, the family lived with friends. For the past few months, she has settled in a trailer, on the front lot of their house being renovated. Mr. Sirois fondly remembers the day he got off the “fifth wheel” to go to the Gemini awards show. Dressed to the nines, and in front of somewhat surprised passers-by, he zigzagged through the muddy ground, trying not to dirty his “clean shoes”.

But what exactly was done during that year? The answer is: everything. We dug out, enlarged the back from the bottom and from the top, maximized the openings and storage, redid the roof, the electricity, the plumbing, the divisions, redesigned the exterior and its outbuildings… The facade has also been completely redone, respecting the initial spirit of the architecture. Result: behind this pretty facade of a small house looms a most modern residence with generous shapes, with terraces and an in-ground swimming pool. It is a new and turnkey house that they are about to leave.

Because, yes, life being life, the dynamo couple put their home up for sale just four years after simmering it to their liking. Luc Sirois and Noémie Caplette feel that maintaining a house and a cottage is too much for them. The idea of ​​a pied-à-terre in a condo in Montreal, “with no maintenance”, is an idea that smiled on them.

One question remains, however: what will become of Mr. Sirois’ impressive collection, which includes mechanical TV models dating as far back as 1928? It will find a place at the chalet or in a museum. Talks are underway for the second option, says Mr. Sirois, who would be happy to share his passion for the history of television.

House completely redone in 2019, in the very sought after area of ​​Cité-Jardin, in Montreal. Five bedrooms, beautiful light, numerous and clever storage spaces, both inside and outside. Inground pool and gas fireplace. Two heat pumps, generator that allows you to ignore power outages when they occur…

Asking price: $2,398,000

Municipal assessment: $1,400,000

Property tax: $8799

School tax: $1101

Rooms: 15 rooms, including 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 shower rooms

Living area: 3479 ft⁠2

Land area: 5323 ft⁠2

Courtière : Julie Goulet, RE/MAX Alliance inc.