We couldn’t wait to find out more about this neo-Tudor style house. The photos suggested that major works had modernized the interiors of this house, well seated on Morris Island in Boisbriand.

We were not disappointed.

Residents, and the designer who helped them, had stories to tell about the property they’ve been pampering (and renovating) for 20 years. We would have stayed longer if we had been less polite!

There are a few dozen houses on Morris Island. Large properties located in the center, but also along the shore of this island in the Rivière des Mille Îles which is barely 400 meters by 700 meters. To get there, you have to cross a pretty wooden bridge where it is forbidden to fish. It is indeed difficult to conceive of a car and a pedestrian sharing the narrow lane at the same time!

On the other side, we are elsewhere. Far from the big city, yet 30 minutes away, far from Highway 15, yet visible from the east side, and far from the hubbub of the malls, yet a few miles away. This is even more true when you arrive at the end of the path that leads to the property.

André Gagné bought this property in 2003. “I knew the place because we were visiting friends who lived here, explains the young man in his sixties. We were water skiing with the kids. I was waiting for land to become available to buy it. The one he chose is particularly well located. You only hear the murmur of cars coming from the highway and you receive nature in every room through the large windows of the house.

Inside, it needed sprucing up. An understatement, specify the owners. “The decoration was frozen circa 1990,” recalls Jacinthe LeBlanc, designer who accompanied the couple from the start. “With Pascale, André’s spouse, we worked to update it and make it warmer. And more luxurious, we want to add.

In the vestibule, a large room adjacent to the office and leading to the common rooms on the ground floor and the staircase to the bedrooms, the designer has fixed the common thread of the house: almost black (Off-Black , from the British manufacturer Farrow

The black is also similar to the piano that sits in the living room and that you see as soon as you cross the threshold. The magnificent grand piano is not only decorative. André has been playing since early childhood. The Bösendorfer 290 is a gift he gave himself. It is a large model that takes up a lot of space. The living room has been enlarged to accommodate it. “We took the opportunity to change all the windows on the ground floor,” explains André. A decision that propels the gaze outwards. We visited the house in winter the day after a snowfall where white dominated.

But before going to the living room, you have to go through the kitchen renovated in 2011. “We called on the kitchen designer Steam who respected the design imagined by Pascale and Jacinthe,” says André. The result is a user-friendly room, filled with high-end storage and appliances. Despite her 12 years, she has not aged. It could have been assembled last month.

The large shower has been capped with a 24″ x 24″ rain head with aromatherapy and light therapy. The floor and walls are covered with large Maxfine Calacatta porcelain slabs with underfloor heating. You might think you’re in a luxury hotel, if it weren’t for the storage designed for owners under the sinks and in the wardrobe.

Outside, the facade has retained its look, but has been brightened up by removing some of the hemlock planks that make up the decorative elements of the Tudor style. In fact, all of the surviving boards have been replaced. “I like perfection,” says André. In 2019, I built a new garage with artist Mario Adornetto. I took the opportunity to tear up all the ground, from the street to the river! The work lasted six months during which the couple took the opportunity to add new outdoor living spaces: concrete terraces to replace the old wooden ones, a new pipe that brings rainwater from the street towards the river, a sauna, a training pool, a fountain, etc. The list is long and cost over $1 million.

Why leave? Because, you guessed it, André and Pascale are people of action and projects. After 20 years of improving this house, they are already dreaming of the next one. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Asking price: $4,700,000

Year built: 1988

Rooms: 18 rooms including 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 powder rooms, 2 gas fireplaces, 2 garages. Along the Rivière des Mille Îles, drainage system.

Lot size: 44,002 ft⁠2

Municipal assessment: $1,690,000

Property tax: $9122

School tax: $1249

Brokers: Marie-Claude Bergeron and Samuel Larocque, Engel