On the shores of Lake Saint-Louis, in Lachine, a stone house has taken root; home dreamed up and made a reality by its owners, with the lapping of the waters nearby. Built in 2014 in self-management, calibrated to offer the most beautiful views, it sails today in search of successors.

A few years ago, La Presse followed, through a series of reports, the different stages of construction of this house, from the preparation of the land to the inauguration of the residence. His particuliarity ? The project had been carried out in self-management, that is to say that the future occupants of the house themselves took on the role of general contractor, by hiring the various trades necessary and managing the progress. activities, while performing some work with their own hands.

“We were tempted to do it in self-management, it was like a challenge. You’re not doing this just for the money. It takes time and it can be stressful, “nuance Nichol Pelchat, who had led the construction site with his family, causing a lot of skepticism in those around him.

He proved the latter wrong: successfully completed, while respecting budget and deadlines (about six months), the project also allowed for adjustments to be made while the different pieces of the puzzle were being put together. “The living room windows, for example. There were less at the start, but when we realized that it deprived us of the view of the park, we were able to add more”, illustrates the owner.

The location was (and remains) a key factor for this two-storey house, directly overlooking Lake Saint-Louis. “In Lachine, land in front of the water, there really isn’t any, and the vast majority of the houses are old,” says Mr. Pelchat, who had managed to obtain a demolition permit to raze the residence. ramshackle that once occupied the space. “We were able to make the house we wanted,” he continues.

With what ingredients? Views, spaces and light, mainly. Rooms and windows have all been designed to optimize the entry of light and views of the lake and its park. Whether from the living room on the ground floor, the terrace above the garage, the master bedroom upstairs, or even from the bathtub in the adjoining bathroom, we wake up, we live and we s dozed off with eyes rocked by the waves.

Another important feature of the property, privacy has been preserved thanks to glass panels and the absence of neighbors on one side, while a cedar hedge acts as a screen in the spacious backyard, equipped with a swimming pool and a spa. “We don’t feel like we’re surrounded,” adds the latter.

Originally from Lac-Saint-Jean, Mr. Pelchat was greatly seduced by Lac Saint-Louis, fulfilling his aspirations as an outdoorsman. The double garage and numerous storage spaces allowed him to store bulky equipment for his activities, including kitesurfing, Nordic skiing and kayaking. You don’t even need a car for the launch: you cross the road and the paddle strokes can begin.

Inside, the design of the premises has relied on durable materials and clean lines. “We really like the warmth of wood, but putting it in something contemporary, without too many frills, quite straight”, develops the Lachine man.

We note the solid pre-varnished and textured maple floors, the beautiful interlocking Quebec-made wood panel in the family room, or the one-piece limestone shower base, signed Unik Stone. From a more technical point of view, the heat pump with two-zone system makes it possible to control different temperatures according to the floors, and thus significantly reduce the energy bill.

Also, architect Suzie Lebrasseur-Bazinet, who helped draw up the plans in 2014, gave good advice: she had insisted that additional spaces be planned in order to be able to add bedrooms and bathrooms, with a view to a possible resale. That day has arrived, and the basement, little used until then, has just undergone major work in this direction, bringing the total number of bedrooms to six and the number of complete bathrooms to three. It still smells of fresh paint…

But the smell that Mr. Pelchat will miss most will be that of the lakeshore. “Lachine is a bit of a hidden treasure. People have rediscovered the waterfront and Lake Saint-Louis during the pandemic,” says the one who will navigate new projects.

Asking price: $2,099,000 Municipal evaluation (2023): $1,705,800 Construction: 2014 Description: Two-storey house with 16 rooms, including 6 bedrooms (2 in the basement), 3 bathrooms and 1 powder room. Located directly facing Lake Saint-Louis.Living area: 3073 ft⁠2Land area: 6757 ft⁠2Property tax: $9546School tax: $1138Real estate broker: Robert Boyer, Sutton