The view of the sea is undoubtedly the main asset of the Échouerie house. Located in the heart of Baie-des-Chaleurs, in Bonaventure, Gaspésie, this property also has a unique architecture that evokes the history of the region’s fishermen.

During the classic “tour of Gaspésie”, Route 132 inevitably crosses Bonaventure with Chemin de l’Échouerie. The unpaved lane runs alongside Cullens Creek until the stream meets the sea. This is where Thomas Martens and Robert Henry stand.

“It’s the beach of my childhood,” says Mr. Henry. Originally from Bonaventure, he knew this idyllic place where the freshwater stream mixes with the salty ocean according to the tides. On the ocher-colored cliff, the view stretches across Chaleur Bay to the rolling landscape of New Brunswick. The trained translator dreamed of returning there. “We waited 15 years for the land to come up for sale,” adds her husband, Thomas Martens.

The couple was living in Montreal at the time. That’s why he first considered building a cottage on the large, unspoiled lot. The cost of installing sewer, water and electricity services was so high that the duo chose to leave the metropolis to settle in Bonaventure. And he built his dream house there.

Thomas Martens is passionate about the industrial history of Quebec. Until recently, he held the position of General Manager of the National Historic Site of Paspébiac. The architecture buff was inspired by the built heritage of the region to design his house.

The cubic-shaped building has two floors and is covered with wooden shingles. About thirty square windows are mainly installed on the sea side. At the back, a staircase built in annex gives access to the floors, including the third, which overlooks the bay.

Inside the house, the clean look is inspired by the German Bauhaus philosophy. Born in Germany, Thomas Martens knows the rules well. He used them to create a functional home, with a minimalist and refined design. “The landscape is our main concern,” he explains. Both inside the house and on our land. For example, windows are installed in the center of the walls, 30 inches from the floor and 30 inches from the ceiling. This height is suitable for most tables or work desks. When you sit down, the horizon is in the center of the window and you sometimes discover the sea, sometimes the Chic-Chocs mountains.

The view of the sea is also the first contact when you enter the house. The door opens onto a transverse corridor whose focal point is the ocean. “The corridor runs parallel to the stream,” adds the architectural specialist. It is positioned from east to west, like the direction of the watercourse. »

Almost everything inside is painted white. However, the decor is not monochromatic. The landscape that can be observed everywhere colors the interior according to the seasons, the mood of the ocean or the sunsets. However, only one color makes its way into the interior design: red, which covers the stairs. “It’s reminiscent of the color of the lighthouses that are visible in Chaleur Bay,” says Mr. Martens. It also evokes danger. Be careful, there are steps. As in a lighthouse, the final staircase leads to the room that dominates the house: an office with a breathtaking 360-degree view.

With three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, an outdoor outbuilding and a place for camping, the space is huge for two people. However, the couple is rarely alone. “Winters are long in Gaspésie and all restaurants are closed,” adds Mr. Martens. We made arrangements to be able to receive. To have fun! »

The kitchen, which seems small at first glance, has four work surfaces for preparing receptions. The main entrance has several wardrobes to store coats and boots for the visit. And if the evening drags on, shutters can isolate the master bedroom open to the living room.

After two decades of sharing this corner of paradise, the couple is ready to start a new project. He no longer just wants to look at the sea, but crosses it to find himself where the love story began, in Europe.

967 000 $

Vast property furnished with taste and imagination, evoking the maritime past of the Baie-des-Chaleurs region. The main house has three bedrooms and three full bathrooms, an outbuilding and a place for camping. Private access to freshwater and saltwater beach.

218 $100


187,29 m²

6296,13 m²

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