Anchored on a large lot in Terrebonne, this charming house, in a room-by-room style, has received a lot of love. Patiently renovated for a decade, it is ready to welcome a new family, because its owners have decided to meet other cultures.

Danny Masson and Christophe Audinelle lived in an apartment for a year with their children and Danny’s mother while waiting to find a residence that would suit them. “My husband had sold his house in France in 2012 and we needed a large space to accommodate the whole family, says the latter. It was Christophe who found the ad for this property on MLS [an exhaustive database of real estate ads]. We went to visit it without waiting, it didn’t look like that at all inside, but its size suited us. »

The same day, the couple makes an offer which is accepted. Barely passed by the notary in the morning, Mr. Audinelle, who is a joiner-carpenter, gets down to work and decompartmentalizes the ground floor in the afternoon. So much so that when his wife opens the door, she panics, “I thought he tore our house down!” »

After the renovation of the ground floor, the master of the place tackles the first floor where there are four bedrooms, then the basement, while taking care to develop the courtyard in the summer. Careful work that lasted 10 years. “When we arrived, there was nothing on the ground, apart from a swimming pool which I called the wart,” laughs Christophe Audinelle. I love Japanese ponds, so I designed one here, but I’m in the process of redoing it, to make it a bit bigger and deeper, because I have some grown koi. They now measure between 40cm and 50cm and need more room. » A new swimming pool area harmonizes with the garden and has direct access to the covered terrace.

Six months after moving in with their 2-year-old son, Danny’s two teenage daughters and their grandmother, the latter suffers a stroke. “We had to place her and she never came home. It was a big shock, a tragedy because our purpose in having this big home was for her to stay with us and be cared for until the end of her life.” , says Danny Masson.

Since this painful event, the young girls have grown up and are at university. The pandemic has been there, with its share of nostalgia linked to confinement and like many others, the couple has asked a lot of questions about the meaning of life. “We love our house very much, we put our hearts into it, but we decided to sell it because we have plans to move to the Caribbean,” explains Danny Masson.

They want to work differently to take the time to see their son grow up, discover other landscapes, other customs and plan to create a completely autonomous space. They shared the idea of ​​this new adventure with their neighbors, curious to know why Danny Masson and Christophe Audinelle wanted to leave their beautiful home. These retirees had cherished a similar dream several years ago, but did not take the plunge, which they regret today.

“Life is now; so we must not miss it and even if it is hard for me to leave this house which is the work of my husband, it is important that we leave and that a new family settles there ” , believes Danny Masson.

Asking price: $668,000

Municipal assessment: $433,900

Year Built: 1977

Land area: 25,520 sq. ft.

House area: approximately 2045 sq. ft. (basement excluded)

Property tax: $2989

School tax: $290

Broker: Francine Dussault, Real Estate Broker Royal LePage Humania