The sleek design of modern homes sometimes seems cold. This is not the case with the residence of Marie Rochette and Martin Roy. Designed by architect Pierre Thibault and built along the St. Lawrence River, this home is as welcoming as its owners.

The private road to Saint-Laurent beach connects the towns of Cap-Rouge and Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures. It is at the western end of this narrow road that the house of Marie Rochette and Martin Roy is located.

When the couple visited in 2009, a small summer cottage dating back to the 1950s was clinging to the cliff. The lovers knew they would have to tear it down to build a bigger house, but they fell in love with the 180-degree view of the waterway.

They lived in the rustic chalet for a year, the time to familiarize themselves with the place, but above all, the time to agree on the design of the future construction. He dreamed of a modern house, but she didn’t like the “white gypsum walls” and the clean look associated with this style.

“I couldn’t see myself in a contemporary house,” says Ms. Rochette. Until a friend sent us an article by Lucie Lavigne in La Presse. She presented her black house near the Lac des Deux Montagnes made by Pierre Thibault. A big long house with windows overlooking the lake, I thought that was what it took us. »

They contacted the architect from Quebec and, a few months later, the transformation of the place began.

The main door opens into a hallway.

“This feature is one of Pierre Thibault’s signatures,” says real estate agent Chantal Lachance.

More than a signature, the corridor is above all a brilliant way to create an area of ​​intimacy between the living rooms and the entrance. Because once you have crossed it, you come out into a large room open to nature and the river.

“You can see outside from all angles,” says Martin Roy.

On the south side of the ground floor, the living room, dining room and kitchen offer a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence. On the north side, the windows positioned high up allow you to admire the vegetation and the flowery cliff without being observed from the street. It is also on this side, in the hallway, that the powder room, the laundry room and the pantry are located, set back from the common area.

The upper floor is reserved for the owners. There is the master bedroom, the bathroom and the walk-in closet. The second floor is extended at each end by a covered terrace.

In all, the house has three covered terraces. The favorite of the three is the screened-in terrace adjacent to the kitchen.

The owner loves this protected space so much that she plans to reproduce it in her future home.

Located at the bottom of a bay, the house is protected from the prevailing winds. It is surrounded by mature trees and the vegetation cover keeps the place comfortable enough in summer not to require the installation of an air conditioner. In winter, the heated concrete floors on the three floors add to the comfort of the rooms bathed in the sun.

To break up the modern, even industrial look of concrete, several walls are covered with white cedar.

The choice of this species is not trivial. It’s a nod to the red cedar doors salvaged from the cottage that used to be there. The doors were installed in the basement, as was the freestanding bathtub which was also saved during the demolition.

It is in the foundations of the old chalet that two bedrooms and the family room have been built in the basement. Even at this level, the architect was able to highlight the breathtaking view of the river.

The long walks on the shore at low tide. Swimming in the warm river at rising tide. Aperitifs with the neighbors on the floating quay. And the fish eagles flying over the river. The memories are incalculable for the couple. But after 14 years, the duo is ready to move away from the river to be closer to the mountains and, above all, to their grandchildren.

Asking price: $1,475,000

Year of renovation: 2012

Main building area: 1884 sq. ft.

Land area: 24,7559 sq. ft.

Municipal assessment: $1,015,000

Property tax: $10,331

School tax: $1007

Annual contribution for the maintenance of the private road: $1564

Brokers: Chantal Lachance and Caroline Prémont, Équipe immobilière Prémont