“Imagine” and “Dream”: these two words inscribed on paintings hanging on the walls of this chalet-residence on the shores of Lac Simon, in the Outaouais, sum up the state of mind with which its owner invested in his project . Now resigned to turning the page, he wants others to make lasting memories there by the beach.

Pierre Fortin has a lot, a lot to say about this house built in his image, with the constant concern to satisfy his guests. It all started with the purchase of a chalet in Montpellier in the early 2000s. It was there, on the shores of Lake Simon, that he came to spend his childhood holidays and that members of his family were already installed. However, the three-season residence coming to the end of its life, it was decided to start from scratch, shortly before the pandemic. Mr. Fortin then imagined the chalet of his dreams, capable “of making memories for those who come to stay there”, he explains.

The process, despite the delays caused by the health crisis, ended up being successful, based on three founding principles. The first, unquestionably, was based on conviviality, reflected in the layout and vocation of the various rooms. As soon as you cross the vertiginous vestibule, you reach the kitchen-living room, worthy of a well-kept restaurant-bar, with its inviting solid wood counter. “For me, a chalet should be unifying. Everything is therefore designed to receive, that people feel like guests,” insists Pierre Fortin, who leads us to another cozy living room, flanked by a more intimate nook in the wine bar style.

As for the bedrooms, mainly located upstairs, no effort has been spared, each having been developed around a theme (surfing, zen, or even the lovely bedroom-dormitory for children under the sign of the jungle ). “Each bedroom has its own bathroom and has been designed so that everyone can retire if they wish, have their own space”, points out the owner, who has transformed some wardrobes into bathrooms. water. The two bedrooms with a view of the lake are very rocking. But the prize for conviviality goes to the “chill room”, judiciously placed on the lake side and calibrated for games and relaxation. Equipped with bay windows and a fenestrated garage door (even though it is upstairs!), it can sometimes serve as an outdoor terrace, sometimes mutate into an indoor veranda. Memorable evenings guaranteed…

Second common thread of this chalet with open arms: its relationship to nature.

The result can be seen in the design and choice of materials, the most glaring example being the exterior cladding, made using wood salvaged from the nearby lake – no doubt the relics of old log drives. Inside, there is also a nice balance between woodwork and more urban materials. “I wanted to maintain a certain ratio in the use of wood,” says the owner, who called on cabinetmakers and craftsmen from the region. With a concern for balance in the various shades, many elements, such as the burnt wood doors (some of them sliding, give a rustic accent), the ceilings or the staircase, create a soothing harmony. On the ground floor, slate has been laid out on the floor, while the shower stalls have all been lined with inlaid pebbles – “to reproduce the feeling of contact with natural stone when you are barefoot”, supports the seller. Finally, particular attention has been paid to the energy efficiency of the premises, with superior insulation and triple glazing.

As for the land, it has many assets, between mature trees, small private beach, pontoon, etc. All enhanced by measured landscaping and attractive additions: large tables, outdoor shower, hammocks, canvas structure… Note that motorized boats are permitted on the lake, although the property remains set back from the thoroughfares .

Third pillar of the Saint-Chalet, the desire to make it a “living house”, ready to evolve. Examples ? Hookups and facilities are already there for anyone who wants to add a spa, sauna or fireplace. Although his residence is for sale, Pierre Fortin likes to sketch future plans, such as a stretched floor net above the entrance vestibule or a suspended fireplace. “All of these elements were planned because I wanted to give myself time to think about them, to know if I really wanted to go ahead with these additions,” he says.

Besides, after having imagined and then realized, piece by piece, a chalet that suited him like a glove, why the hell put it back on the market? When you ask Mr. Fortin the question, you feel his throat subtly knot. Torn between his triplex on the South Shore and his house on Lac Simon, he realized that managing these two projects weighed too heavily on the hourglass. “I had a good time there, but the time investment is huge, it goes by very quickly. I want to get some freedom of time to live other things, “concludes the one who aspires to meet a soul mate and start a family.

Impressive cottage built with respect for nature and its visual environment, on the shores of Lac Simon, in Outaouais. Highlighting local materials and know-how, its exterior cladding was designed directly from wood caught in the lake, while the interior doors were made of natural wood, burnt in the traditional way.