Maria Garcia and her husband were the very first buyers of the Bassins du Havre project, in Griffintown, now well established in an area sought after for its many assets.

Maria Garcia was already living near the Lachine Canal with her spouse in 2008. They lived in rental accommodation and greatly appreciated the way of life in this neighborhood, favorable to walking, cycling and even cross-country skiing in winter. It was by chance during one of their daily walks that they witnessed the demolition of the old postal sorting center. Curious to know more, they discover that a project is taking shape there.

Visionaries, the couple sensed the extraordinary potential of the place, became aware of the changes to come in the sector and carefully monitored the opening date of the sales office. Determined not to miss the deal, Monsieur takes the lead and settles down the night before in front of the closed door of the office. And he does well, because others had sniffed out the deal and followed suit. He won’t forget that night! The exchanges and discussions around the plans are going well all night and the next morning, the unit is reserved. The condos sold like hotcakes and friendships were formed even before the first stone of the building was laid.

First come, first served, Maria Garcia and her spouse got exactly the beautiful corner unit they wanted, with a view of the Lachine Canal, the Champlain Bridge and the iconic Farine Five Roses poster. Since moving in 2013, they have sold their second car, which has become completely useless, and go to work downtown on foot or by public transport. Their carbon footprint has been greatly reduced, they say, especially since the building is LEED certified.

Essential local shops have developed, trendy restaurants have sprung up and the place has come alive with new construction, among widened streets planted with trees. These fifty-year-olds had looked at the urban plan before buying and the program had seduced them.

“What’s very special here is that we have these outdoor attractions, but we’re in a big city at the same time,” she adds.

Vast and bright, the condo, which enjoys spectacular views, includes two beautiful bedrooms and two large full bathrooms as well as a third bedroom converted into a boudoir. The masters of the place are sporty and appreciate the common facilities of the building: the swimming pool on the roof which overlooks the city center and adjoins a barbecue area where the co-owners like to meet. But also the indoor swimming pool, the large gym, the hammam and the sauna.

The couple faced a big challenge in choosing to move: finding such a perfect location while being closer to their family.

“We made the decision to sell in order to be more available for my in-laws who settled in a residence for the elderly in Outremont and to be able to welcome the grandchildren. So we bought a century-old house to renovate. It’s an evolution in our life plan,” says Maria Garcia.