Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the Olympics could take place only under condition of “complete victory” over coronavirus, indicating, as before, the head of the Games organizing Committee Yoshiro Mori did not rule out the option of cancellation. The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach did not challenge the thesis of Mr Abe, saying that you fully agree with them.The issue of the Olympics in Tokyo, earlier postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus this summer and in the summer, was the main agenda of the speech of Shinzo Abe in front of Japanese Parliament. And as a result, this performance has become quite alarming for the global sports community news reason.Shinzo Abe, who is still not questioned conduct, albeit in other terms, the Olympic games for the first time, in fact, recognized the existence of the intrigue in this matter.He said that the Olympics “should be held in complete form”, that is “with absolutely safe participation of both athletes and spectators”, and this form is possible only under condition of “complete victory over the pandemic.” Her illustration, according to Shinzo Abe, and must be the Olympics.And the reason for such an interpretation added the statements of other Japanese functionaries involved in the Olympics. So, in fact, did not rule out the option of abolition, the head of its organizing Committee Yoshiro Mori: in an interview with Nikkan Sports, he said that the Olympic games can be “erased”, if they are not able to hold in 2021. The interview came against the background of the statements made at the regular briefing by the head of the Medical Association of Japan, Yoshitaka Yokokura, who suggested that the country “would be difficult to host the Olympics, has not yet developed a vaccine against the coronavirus,” and the proposals of the mayor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike to extend the state of emergency beyond the approved date — may 6th.Another, maybe more important, as the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach did not dispute the thesis Shinzo Abe. Reuters Mr. Bach noted that “I fully agree with the position of Prime Minister Abe” and that from the beginning of its structure “established the principle of” providing for the Olympics in a “safe environment”.At the same time, the IOC published an open letter to Thomas Bach. But it was not a word about the particular Japanese Olympic games. This letter was like a call to accept the new reality, which reduces the number of events and budgets as the IOC and other sporting organizations. And it was like the call to help the sport during a time when the inevitable “deep and long economic crisis”. Thomas Bach, stating that “a number of studies demonstrates that sport can play not only an important social and economic role, contributing to the fact so the world recovered from the crisis”, asked the government “to include it in their programmes of economic support.”Alex Armor