Alexander Dobrindt denies Christine Lambrecht any competence as defense minister. The head of the CSU state group describes Lambrecht as completely unsuitable in her role. In his view, the SPD politician was responsible for a series of breakdowns.

CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt considers Christine Lambrecht to be unsuitable as defense minister. “And that’s why you have to say very clearly: She is simply not up to this office,” said Dobrindt on Friday in the RTL / ntv program “Frühstart” before the start of the state group’s exam in the Upper Bavarian monastery of Seeon.

In his view, the SPD politician was responsible for a series of breakdowns and was obviously overwhelmed. “It is the Chancellor’s job to ensure clarity here.”

The Minister of Defense was recently criticized for a New Year’s Eve video. In it, she summarized the year 2022, which was marked by the war in Ukraine, but her words were repeatedly lost in the whistling of New Year’s rockets and exploding firecrackers.

On Wednesday, government spokesman Wolfgang Büchner said when asked whether the Defense Minister continued to enjoy the Chancellor’s unconditional trust: “Yes, of course.”

Dobrindt now said that his resignation request was not about the minister’s New Year’s Eve video. In the past, Lambrecht had not kept a promise to Parliament about ammunition orders.

According to a survey, the majority of Germans also believe that Lambrecht should be fired. In a representative survey by the opinion research institute Civey for the news portal t-online, 77 percent of those questioned spoke out in favor of such a step. 13 percent believed that the minister should remain in office. 10 percent said they were undecided.