The amount of debris in the tank of the upper stage, "Frigate" that exploded in space in may, has nearly tripled from 65 to 175, follows from the data of the U.S. air force published on the dedicated website

According to the American military, tank "Frigate" exploded in orbit on may 8, this resulted in 65 of the wreckage. "Roskosmos" confirmed the destruction, noting that the debris threatened the International space station and Russian satellites.

To date, the catalogue of space objects on the website made 175 wreckage of the tank "Frigate", which flew thousands of kilometers.

According to the U.S. military, the debris are in orbits with a minimum altitude of 230 to 1074 miles and maximum from 305 to 6051 km. In this tank before the explosion was in orbit with a minimum altitude of 422 kilometers and the maximum is 3606 miles.

The exploding object was a toroidal reset the unit tanks of the upper stage, "Fregat-SB", which during injection of the satellite into orbit separated after the consumption of fuel. Destroy the unit tanks were used in July 2011 for delivery to the space Observatory "the Spectrum-R".

In April 2019, the representative of TsNIIMash Yuri Kaluka reported that about 250 of the destruction of space objects (active and inactive satellites, spent stages of carrier rockets and boosters) are fixed in orbit since 1961, when there was the first such event. According to him, the destruction of space objects occurred either as a result of their explosions, or after colliding with other objects.