The technological revolution has brought countless valuable benefits to every field and every profession in life. Any aspect with the presence of scientific and technological advances becomes more professional and convenient for users. The casino industry is also participating in this positive change, currently, the most prestigious casinos are gradually testing new technology applications to optimize the user experience, prominent among them. such as Ignition US. The big prizes from the player’s stake will be easily transferred to a credit card or broadcast live betting sessions at the ground house. All were warmly received by the players. So now, what outstanding technologies are being used commonly at bookies?


HTML5 can be considered the greatest technological revolution for not only casinos but also for any field that operates on an online platform. HTML5 is considered the core technology and will be at the forefront of the future internet world. Today, all the most reputable casinos use HTML5 technology so that users can comfortably experience the games on different platforms. HTML5 is an upgraded version compared to HTML and is considered the most complete version up to the present time, it is friendly to all devices, especially mobile devices, and can easily create and launch different game browsers. Moreover, for bookies, game compatibility is a problem they have not been able to solve for a long time, but with HTML5, players can export two versions of the game at the same time without any problems. worry about an error or not being able to launch.

Live streaming


The next remarkable technology that is widely used today in casinos is live broadcast technology. Most of the casinos that attract a very high level of interaction and follow-up from players are through the live streaming of their bets. Players do not need to move much, they just need a good mobile device, with an internet connection, and they can fully participate in online games in which the house is a real entity. , and the participation of players is virtual accounts. This makes players feel excited because they can interact in real-time and it is no different from having them bet at a certain ground casino.

Data storage


This blockchain technology has become the most popular and trusted by most bookies. Because of the large number of players, not only that in one day, the frequency of money transactions between depositing, withdrawing, or converting players’ bonuses takes place a lot, so the transaction information, as well as the user’s other personal information, needs to be stored and secured in absolute terms. Blockchain can completely do this, the ability to store a large amount of information as well as keep that information from being leaked out makes the house become professional, and reputable and gain the trust of the player.

Technology will be more and more applied at casinos, because it is the best way to help bookmakers improve their reputation, prestige and expertise as well as maximize the user experience.