The Ministry of justice transfers the services of registry offices in remote form

As explained in the Department, such services may be provided in the future superservice “the Birth of a child and Bereavement”. “These services will allow to organize the provision of public services associated with these situations, without personal visit to the applicants the bodies providing the state services”, – emphasized in the Ministry of justice.

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the Office has developed and submitted to the government a draft Federal law “On amendments to the Federal law “On acts of civil status”, Federal law “On amendments to the Federal law “On acts of civil status” and the annulment of certain provisions of legislative acts of the Russian Federation”, creating the legal framework for such services. As reported in the Ministry of justice, the launch of superservis “the Birth of a child” in pilot mode can be implemented in the near future.

Presented the Department are also reminded that currently the law provides for the possibility of filing in electronic form of applications for state registration the following acts of civil status: birth, marriage, divorce, death and others.

this is directly the procedure of state registration of civil status today is produced at personal presence of the applicant. “So, each entry in the civil status register must be read by the applicant, signed by him and constituting the record of the employee on the Registrar, sealed with the seal of the registry office”, – explained in Department. In addition, the applicant gets issued on the letterhead of the strict reportingspine of the certificate of state registration of civil status act.

the employees of the Moscow registry office a form will appear

In the future, registration of birth and death can be carried out fully in the correspondence format. About distance weddings or divorces of the question.

Recall that the Department also sent to the regional authorities the proposal to suspend the state registration of conclusion of marriage and divorce. As told in Department, according to the law, at the request of persons entering into a marriage, registration of marriage may be made in a festive atmosphere. However, the joint presence of guests and relatives participating in the celebration, creates a threat of the spread of coronavirus infection, in this connection, the Presidium of the coordination Council on combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection is tasked to provide temporary suspension of state services related to official registration of marriage in solemn atmosphere.

At the joint request of the persons entering into marriage, date of state registration of marriage can be postponed to a later date (not later than 12 months from the date of filing the application for entering into marriage).

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“Thus, if the persons to be married wish to hold the ceremony in a solemn atmosphere, they may submit a joint application to change the date of state registration of marriage”, – tell representatives of the office.

In this regard, the Ministry of justice of Russia proposed to the senior officials of constituent entities of the Russian Federation bothmuch of the transfer date of the state registration of conclusion of marriage that was defined earlier, to a later date (as an option, after 01.06.2020). At the same time, by law, for state registration of a marriage is enough presence of the persons entering into marriage. Therefore, in exceptional cases, upon refusal of the persons entering into marriage, to postpone the date of state registration of marriage at a later date the state registration is carried out in the presence only of the persons entering into a marriage without the participation of invited.