The Ministry of health spoke about the impact of climate and alcohol on coronavirus

“the Sun is really prevents the spread of coronavirus, but not in the temperatures that we have today. Temperature, which is now in Moscow, is insufficient to halt the spread of the coronavirus. For this, the optimum temperature is in the range of 6-8 degrees. So, to say that today climatic factors contribute to the inactivation of the virus while it is impossible”, – said the head of Ministry of health.

He noted that in the current situation it is important to follow the recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus and to refrain from visiting public places. He also responded to questions regarding the effect of a bath and spirits for the virus.

Photo: Alexander Scherbak/TASS the who praised Russia for its action against coronavirus

According to him, the bath can enhance the durability of immunity, “it is not contraindicated, the main thing is to avoid then and not to make dousing with cold water”. But the consumption of strong drinks in the bath and her Minister once again urged to refrain. “Statistics show that sales of alcohol increased. You need to listen to opinion of doctors”, – summed up the spine.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of health and world health organization (who) has cautioned against alcohol consumption as a preventive measure against the virus. Who States that a 60-degree alcohol kills virus only for external use as a disinfectant.

Mikhail Murashko also said that to protect from infection gauze mask should have four layers.

“I want to say that a four-layer gauze masks – they can also work safely, today testing twhat kind of masks they are allowed to turn. Sew them directly on the plants, which then enter, including medical organizations and pharmacies.”

the Minister also clarified the new version of the Ministry of health recommendations for the treatment of coronavirus infection, stressing that now it is not only based on foreign and Russian experience.

Photo: Tatiana Andreeva/WG Novosibirsk has registered a new test system for identification COVID-19

As reported by “RG”, Ministry of health of Russia on Friday updated its recommendations for treatment COVID-19, published on its website the fourth edition of the document. The main changes concern the section on laboratory diagnosis COVID-19 and schemes of drug therapy: the doctors also pointed out a few of the drugs recommended for use in combination. In particular, we are talking about the chloroquine, or hydroxychloroquine, drugs interferon, and the combination of the drugs lopinavir + ritonavir. Was also voiced by a number of drugs that pass clinical in patients with COVID-19 is umifenovir, ramdevpir, favipiravir.

Mikhail Murashko noted that to date the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation sees no shortage in production capacity for the creation of test systems for coronavirus. According to him, for their production deployed additional production capacity, and the CPS has expanded the number of laboratories for testing. “Including permitted testing in a network of private laboratories”, he concluded.

he Also added that in Russia there are several cases of infection of the coronavirus doctors in Russia, but they are not associated with infection from patients.