The Minister of culture invited the students of VGIK to organize pitching

the Most relevant and current thematic issue of contemporary Russian cinema – children’s movies. In the course of communication were discussed questions of its support and creation, as well as the participants discussed the program of development of the cluster children’s films of Cinematography. “Last year, the cinema Fund allocated an additional one billion roubles for children’s films. This is good news. But this amount we are not fully distributed, because a decent script it was not sufficient,” said Olga Lyubimova. However, she noted that the funds transferred for the current year and will be divided among new projects, ideas for which could belong to and students fighting positions.

What awaits the audience on Friday and the weekend on the online festival “the Double DV@”

the Minister also gave students the recommendation to actively participate in various competitions and to communicate with representatives of the film industry.

“the First who should quit on you is the Studio involved in the production of youth and children’s films. I already asked the producer part of the Gorky film Studio to meet and get acquainted with your team. On our part we invite you to participate in the competition debuts of the Ministry of culture” – the words of the Minister of culture. The author of the cluster children’s cinema Cinematography Anna Weilert told about what work is being done by a team: creating concepts, scripts, studying child psychology. She emphasized that children’s cinema is one that is interesting to the child and tells the story of his life. The Minister in response has proposed to think about organizing visits of students in the ICC “Artek” for the creative workshop. “It would be a useful communication for children who are just learning to make movies and take their first steps, and you’d be a great opportunity to meet with children of different age from across the country,” said Olga Lyubimova.

the Minister told the students about the idea to organize pitching VGIK. The participants, besides the students themselves, can become producers, experts and representatives of the Ministry of culture, who have the necessary experience and can help with advice. Moreover, the Ministry of culture will provide an opportunity for participants to attend the pitching Department at the children’s cinema.

Another important recommendation from the Minister of young creative people – not to depart from their calling, and thought on the project write the producers. “Don’t think about the promotion, the happiness of the writer is that he just does,” said Olga Lyubimova.