The mayor reminded the residents about the importance of observing the distance

mayor: Saturday, March 28, 2020, the first of nine days that the majority of Muscovites had to spend at home.

of Course, on the first day of final conclusions before, but in General, the mechanism of social distancing began working.

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In Moscow closed 14.9 thousand catering and more 40 thousand stores. The inspectors found only a few hundred points, which were open, on the grounds that do not fall under the ban. Thank Moscow business discipline and responsibility in this difficult time.

the Majority of Muscovites also have listened to the recommendations of the authorities and remained at home, for which they thank you.

the Rapid decline in traffic in the Moscow transport speaks for itself. Compared to “normal” by Saturday the number of metro passengers has decreased three times, ground transportation – twice.


In city parks came just 52 thousand people. Is negligible compared to the “normal” spring Saturday. However, quite often you can see a picture.


natural areas, and they constitute almost half the city, it was not uncommon to see and enjoy barbecues.

“Passed through Moscow, and it hurts me. … Are three friends and together, not knowing whether they have the virus or not. But it is wrong. Need to keep a distance of 2 meters“, – listen to these words of the who representative Melita Vujnović.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti Russia has confirmed 270 cases of new coronavirus infection

In any public place we have to behave like in a queue at the ATM, where it is considered rude to get too close and into the neighbor across the shoulder. Safe distance is 1.5-2 meters from each other.

And, of course, the most important thing now is adherence to the home treatment of the elderly.

According to the geotargeting of mobile phones, two thirds of older people (65+) behave responsibly and not leave the house.

But about 20% of Muscovites aged 65+ made a big trip.

my Dear, you are at risk and their travel poses an enormous danger primarily to themselves.

the Situation with the spread of the coronavirus has passed into a new stage. Has already recorded more than a thousand cases of the disease in Moscow. No one is immune. An example of a poor Italian and Spanish cities same new York, where every day dozens die and hundreds of people, for all to see.

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Please, take care. All next week you and all other Muscovites have to stay home. But if you are on the street or in the store – keep a safe distance.

Highly recommend running shops and pharmacies where possible, make-specific markup for visitors, it was easier for them to keep a distance from each other of 1.5-2 meters. Show responsibility and help citizens to comply with this distance.

From the implementation of these simple rules today determines the health and maybe your life and your loved ones.