Kortrijk, Adelbert-Good (56), from Outrijve to be the attic, a unique cultural heritage, have been found. The nachtburgemeester from Kortrijk to hit it with the Zwoai with you, the “Hole” and ” the Klepeleire of the Town, two 30-year-old lost lyrics by Johnny Turbo on it. The City singer, died 20 years ago. Remarkably, one of the texts is about the recentoverleden bellemanvan Kortrijk, belgium. “What a find. We’ll have songs to make,” says the deputy mayor of Culture and Tourist Town of (N-VA).

For it is a remarkable story, all the way to be able to tell you, we went back to the late 80’s. Adelbert Good it is at that moment, the owner of the popular pub ’the t Room in Kortrijk (belgium). He gets Johnny’s Turbo to be passed. The City singer drops this period, however, more likely to go up to the Room after the performance.

“We took one night to a ball-point pen, and the leaves, and one thing led to another,” recalls Adelbert Good itself. “The lyrics of the song, with the title of ‘Zwoai in with you, “Hole”, which was based on ‘YMCA’ by The Village People, is about a woman who was on the ground. But then, with her ‘fine ass’ to them, before any hops. Typically, Johnny Turbo. “The Klepeleire of ’the City’, which was based on ‘Ding Dong, Ding Dong” by George Harrison of The Beatles talks about Peter Caesens, the recent death of belleman, of Kortrijk, belgium. Peter Caesens, was a good friend of mine. So, I was there as a child along with the school. Peter used to say that it is a city worthy of the name of a belleman deserve it.”

Johnny Turbo was a very good friend of his. A lolbroek of the first class, but it is also a serious human being, with all it’s heart is in the right place. In the songs that he did, there was all the nonsense too often it is a social problem that is hidden.

Nachtburgemeester Adelbert-Good