On Monday, December 12, 2022, at 8:15 p.m., VOX will show a special edition of “Die Höhle der Löwen” with the additional title “Christmas at last”. In this show, all products presented by founders revolve around the celebration of love. And the very first product presented goes through the roof at the lions. Not only does everyone want a deal, but Carsten Maschmeyer jumps up with a completed check in hand and seems more enthusiastic than ever.

The two students Melusine Bliesener and Katharina Lehmkul met each other during their bachelor’s degree and have become close friends. Together they were involved in various projects on the topic of sustainability. In 2018, during the Christmas holidays, they had the brilliant idea for their own product: they noticed how much waste there is when unwrapping all the Christmas presents. In July 2019 they founded PÁPYDO – a start-up that offers environmentally friendly wrapping paper. Their goal: in the near future, not a single tree in the world should be cut down for a single wrapped Christmas present.

At PÁPYDO, wrapping paper is made from grass. Not only does grass grow back eight times as fast as trees, the founders save over 90 percent in energy, water and CO2. In addition, they are 100 percent Made in Germany, print climate-neutrally and decorate their paper for all occasions with colors made from vegetable oil. Your paper is therefore completely recyclable. Since you don’t just need paper to wrap gifts, PÁPYDO also offers colored gift ribbons made from palm fronds, plastic-free adhesive tape and other decorations – all sustainable. The lions can acquire 12.5 percent of PÁPYDO for 100,000 euros.

Carsten Maschmeyer doesn’t have to listen to much more than that in “Die Höhle der Löwen”. He gets up from his chair, runs towards the women and hands them a piece of paper. “I’m totally blown away,” he says. “Here’s a check for €100,000, I’ll accept the 12.5 percent and don’t want to dither. I think that’s awesome. You have to be helped immediately.” And he is not alone in his enthusiasm: all the other lions are also showing interest. With whom do Melusine and Katharina make the deal?

The fashion and knitwear designer Ann Cathrin Schönrock also focuses on sustainability and wants to ensure a cozy Christmas. She founded Chiengora and is offering the lions 10 percent of her company shares for 200,000 euros. With Chiengora, she makes warm clothing, naturally extra fluffy. The highlight: The yarn for her sweaters was spun from dog wool – from the undercoat of dogs, i.e. the layer of fur that is under the outer hair. The founder presents directly in front of the lions how the dog wool can be removed.

So far, the founder has received dog wool donations from dog salons and private dog owners. Then they are sorted by colour, washed and made into clothing. A small fashion show follows, in which the lions can take a closer look at the Chiengora products. The lions want to try it themselves and are presented with Chiengora hats. But Carsten Maschmeyer still has an urgent request: Is there a risk for him with a dog hair allergy?

In this regard, Ann Cathrin can give the all-clear. But will demonstrating their clothes be enough to land a deal?

The Christmas special of “Die Höhle der Löwen” is on VOX today (December 12) at 8:15 p.m. The episode can then also be streamed on RTL.

By Michael Hille

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