The labour party of the UK has selected the new leader of the Kira Sturmer

the Opposition labour party of great Britain was chosen as the new leader of the Kira Sturmer, reports Reuters. He won the election, which was conducted among members of the party from late February to early April, from 56.2% of the vote. A Deputy from the labour party Starmer was elected in 2015.

the change of the head of the party occurred after a heavy defeat in the last parliamentary elections.

Former lawyer and human rights activist, who, for example, was represented by Marina Litvinenko in Strasbourgissa court, then – head of the crown prosecution service of England and Wales, 57-year-old sir Cyrus Starmer considered “eurooptimists”. He replaced the head of the party’s 70-year-old Jeremy Corbin – the man in Britain is considered one of the main sponsors of Brexit.The main rivals of the new leader of the party in the elections was Rebecca long-Bailey, who was called “continued Corbin,” and Lisa Nandy.

Starmer said that takes office in very unusual times, but that’s his highest honor and otvetstvennosti.He assured that the parliamentary opposition and in the current difficult conditions to fulfil its role.

“If we see the mistakes and blunders of the government, if it is to do something fast enough, we’ll bring him to justice,” said Starmer.

Jeremy Corbyn life was the extreme left by British standards a rebel who fought against world imperialism and capitalism and worshipped Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, reminiscent of the BBC Russian service.

Starmer – also left, but much more moderate and reserved policies. Expect from him if you don’t return from the outer radicalism of carbonistas to moderate and respectable “new labourism” of the era of Tony Blair, then at least steps in that direction.

the labour party when Stormare surely will require the closest possible relations in the process of “divorce” in the UK with the EU. The position of a second referendum included in the Program of the labour party in the elections of 2019.