The comedian and actor does nothing on Sundays. Nothing at all. The conversation almost ended there. And here is Anas Hassouna’s ideal Sunday, and it’s not humor, he doesn’t do anything, that’s it! Finally, we discussed the fact that Sunday is a day when he rests, does not play sports, enjoys his family and eats good meals, prepared by his parents. Happiness !

“It’s a social unspoken, but on Sundays we don’t piss people off!” I know a lot of people who want to plan an activity, an engagement, a date, but frankly even going to brunch on Sunday is too much! Too much waiting, too much seriousness and organization! Sunday is for family and rest, no way to work. All my life, I’ve known that I wanted to do a job where you don’t work on Sundays, I had that in mind. The fact that people agreed to make the ultimate sacrifice of working on Sundays, I pay tribute to them today. »

After living in a roommate with friends on the Plateau Mont-Royal, he is back with his parents in Repentigny where he lives with his two younger sisters. “It makes me feel so good, this return to my roots, at 28 years old. Generally, people go back to live with their parents when things aren’t going so well, for me it’s the other way around! I am in a period of my life where everything is going very well professionally. The more you succeed, the more you need your roots, and being in my family, it calms me down, it reminds me of who I am. For the majority of children of immigrants, there is this importance of ties, of the family, on a daily basis. Life has more meaning that way. It’s cultural, we don’t always have the same vision of things. I have friends who confided in me that their parents told them, “We love you, but once you leave the house, you don’t come back!” Me, it’s just the opposite! My parents are getting older and I want to spend more time with them. It’s a treasure, the family. »

“A little Sunday luxury is being able to sleep in, not having to put the alarm clock on. I can wake up at 2 p.m. if I feel like it, and that’s a real luxury! My career is going in the right direction and I’m delighted, but I have to get up earlier and earlier, so Sunday is the day I get up late! I don’t do sports on Sundays or walks in nature. Walking in nature will be for later, in my future thirties! I just got out of my wild twenties! »

What does he remember from his Big Brother adventure? “That people don’t hesitate to betray you for $75,000 is a great lesson in life. It’s every man for himself. It already is in everyday life, but at Big Brother… I don’t live like that, I’m very lucky, I’m well surrounded, because anyway, we’re not very happy when we are alone. I like this expression: “Alone we go faster, together we go further”, it sums up a lot of things in my life. We humans are social animals, we need to be with people we love. Loneliness doesn’t make you happy. »

Anas Hassouna does not cook, well not yet. “My parents are culinary librarians, I need them to teach me how to cook. I don’t even know where to put saffron… (in the couscous!), but I know how to make myself a salmon in the oven… Cooking will be for my thirties! My parents make chicken tagines, beef tagines and candied plums, chicken pastilla and the seafood pastilla is delicious, Moroccan cuisine is really excellent. As for my good addresses, there is the best sushi in Montreal, it’s Takumi, and not just because they are all you can eat! Kahwa Café for the best sandwiches in Montreal! It’s a mythical café, there are so many artists and comedians who have frequented this café on Mont-Royal Avenue East! It’s a place I really like. »