Every two weeks in the summer, a personality presents his favorite summer activities.

“I’m living my ideal summer,” says comedian and host Marie-Lyne Joncas. A summer made up of trips to California and Germany, swimming in the lake at his chalet in Lanaudière, and BBQs with friends. Happiness !

“I went to California for a week with actress Geneviève Schmidt, and we loved it. We arrived in San Francisco, we rented a car, we went to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, we took route 1 which runs along the Pacific. It was really extraordinary. Then I went to Germany for a week. I attended my idol, Harry Styles, concert in Frankfurt! I have also visited Berlin and I dream of visiting other countries in Europe like Denmark! It feels good to get out of Quebec, to discover new cultures, new landscapes. In the fall, it will be the discovery of Morocco. I’m going there with Ève Côté, and maybe we’ll go through Portugal! I earned less in my life before the pandemic, and now I can afford nice little trips and I love it. I relish this opportunity to discover new countries. »

It’s a summer essential. “I have a cottage by a lake in Lanaudière, and in the summer, I take advantage of it. I invite the family, the friends, there are people who arrive, who leave, who come back, we have fun, we swim, we make beautiful BBQs. I kayak, paddle board… I have a kind of electric pontoon too with solar panels and a battery, so we go to the middle of the lake, we swim. It’s really nice and it’s part of my ideal summer. »

” I love to cook. People may not know it, but I cook a lot and I like to entertain friends. In the summer, I make great BBQs with my homemade sausages! I have a sausage machine, and I make them myself and it makes nice grills. I make the basic Italian sausage, but then I add all sorts of things, caramelized onions, cilantro… The number of sausage recipes is endless! I cook on instinct, without following recipes! I have an ice cream maker to make homemade sorbets, there is for example the raspberry sorbet, it’s delicious and it’s super easy to make with the ice cream maker. In winter, I also make homemade pasta, ravioli. I make the stuffing, the sauce. It’s really very good and besides, I prepare them with my heart! »

“I’m really in rest mode in the summer. Usually, I work during the summer, I give shows, but now I took time off, which is really nice. I’m not a girl of festivals or musical discoveries, I don’t like crowds, I don’t go to the cinema, I don’t read that much, so I enjoy my friends, the sun, swimming. I recharge my batteries, I do almost nothing. I go for walks with my dog, I watch Netflix documentaries about murders… but that’s not just summer, it’s all year round! »

“I grew up in Lac-Saint-Jean and when I was little, we spent every summer by the water at my aunt’s cottage. We bathed, we paddled, we caught frogs. I reproduce today what I experienced when I was younger, it comforts me. I realize that I need to be by the water, it makes me feel good, and we are lucky in Quebec to have all these beautiful lakes. »