The health Ministry reported the development in Russia of the drug from the coronavirus

the Minister said that begin preclinical studies, but after 10-12 days it is scheduled to begin its clinical trials. According to him, the drug was tested in a number of countries, and it is completely Russian counterpart.

Photo: Vladimir Anosov/WP the Ministry of health explained how to differentiate coronavirus from SARS

in the meantime, the Ministry of health sees the risks of a shortage of certain drugs against coronaviruses.

“we Have set limits for 17 drugs that you need to keep on monitoring residues, – said Murashko. And responding to the decline in stocks included in the regulatory mechanism.”

In his speech, he also assured that Russia tracked all the metrics below in any case prevent the reduction of the volume of emergency assistance. Among other things, it was found that the mortality from pneumonia and other diseases in Russia in comparison with the previous year decreased by 5%.