The head of the anti-plague Institute told Putin, when will the result of restrictions on coronavirus

Vladimir Putin held a meeting with experts on the development of the situation with coronavirus infection and measures for its prevention Vladimir Kutyrev Vladimir Putin held a meeting with experts on the development of the situation with coronavirus infection and measures for its prevention
the Press service of the President of Russia Vladimir Kutyrev

the Restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Russia will result in about a week, the Director of the Russian research anti-plague Institute “Microbe” of Rospotrebnadzor Vladimir Kutyrev.

At the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin met with experts on the fight against the spread of the coronavirus, he said that around that time it will be possible to tell more precisely whether it is possible to shorten the period of the weekend, reports “Interfax”. “Despite the ongoing increase in the incidence, but the result of these restrictions, given the incubation period, we will see in a week,” said a virologist. Vladimir Putin held a meeting via videoconference from the suburban presidential residence in Novo-Ogarevo.

Vladimir V. Kuznetsov noted that “it was important to work for prevention” and the restriction of contacts of citizens, including the workers – “the most important condition for breaking out of pidzamochek and peprocess”. And this policy needs to be maintained for atthis country, says “Russian newspaper”.

“we Need to continue the separation (of the citizens. – Approx. “RG”), which is conducted throughout the country,” – said Vladimir Kutyrev.

in response to a direct question to Vladimir Putin, whether it is possible to reduce the duration of non-working days in Russia, Vladimir Kutyrev said that it will also become clear in a week. “I think, Mr President, to this question we can come back next week when we will host the incubation period after separation, and then it will be clear what are the trends in incidence,” said the Director of the Institute “Microbe”.

the Current increase in the incidence of Vladimir Kutyrev tied to the fact that the incubation period of coronavirus unlike influenza is 2-3 days and up to 14 days.

In the course of the meeting Vladimir Putin has beaten joke about the fact that with the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus all Internet scientists retrained as specialists in Virology. The President emphasized that has collected real professionals in order to learn their predictions for the near future.

the Head of state set a task to quickly restore economic activity in Russia. To its solution should begin as soon as will allow the epidemiological situation. The President called to consider the experience of other countries and to learn from your new mistakes, according to “vestige”.

we will Remind, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared holidays from 28 March to 5 April, and then extended “quarantine vacation” until April 30. Extending hours a week, Putin stressed that this period may be revised and reduced.

one day ill COVID-19 has increased by 1154 people. The total number of patients infected with the coronavirus was 7 thousand 497 people. 58 patients died, and 494 recovered. However, only four regions out of 85 in Russia have on its territory no oneon occasion of the infection. Among the leaders in disease – Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Podmoskovie. In Russia, the study showed that the coronavirus was imported from more than 70 countries.