You can use these days, better let be by Anderlecht. While the RSCA all of his first team players asking to see their earnings for the april-to-face – there is still no agreement will be reached – let it be lent by the players alone. However, it pays to be purple and white for boys and Kums, Sanneh, Musona, and Makarenko’s still (part of) the wage. Huurspelers, in foreign countries have often been compensated for by a premium which is not taken away from them can be used.

The Geril.

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at Anderlecht there are 19 stock lending players. Six of them will be playing in Belgian clubs, and the only Thomas Didillon (RC Genk) is due to be huurclub paid for it. In the case of Sven Kums (AA Gent), Buba Sanneh (KVO), Knowledge Musona (Three), Yevheni Makarenko (KV Kortrijk), and Olivier Dhauholou (Waasland-Beveren) is RSCA – either partially or fully for the wage bill. Often, that is a serious amount for Musona, for example, premiums earned in the botanical garden ‘Astridpark’ annual 1.156.000 of euros gross plus matchbonussen.

As for the purple-and-white, as the debate rages about how to give a month, had lent the boys, nothing to be heard. Therefore, it wanted to be, KV Oostende, a letter to Brussels, the question as to whether the price of the Sanneh could not have pockets, and if the defender is in a month and not being paid for it. However, it will not be necessary, as Sanneh will retain his salary, and the other outside of it. Anderlecht are worth is not found in the locker rooms of other teams.

in Addition, you have an huurlingenleger in the netherlands. Think of Saief, Milic, Vranjes, Nv, Lawrence, Thelin, Dauda, Delcroix, Nkaka, Abazaj, Adzic, and Saelemaekers. They are no longer in the employ of Anderlecht, and for them, there should not be a problem. If they were to be loaned out, with loss of pay, there were a number of them have already been compensated for by a tekenpremie. That is, they were already at the time of the signing of the contract and thus can no longer be cancelled. The foreign employer to decide about their money.

Brokers and also jointly?

In this coronatijden there are significant savings in Neighbourhoods. Wherever it may be, there will be nibbled. This also applies to the commission. The purple and white early on with a number of agents that are financial drives, to receive the transfers at a rate of that amount of money to see him. In doing so, it can be paid quickly. Those who refuse will have to wait longer to get his money.

Faes (KV Oostende) has to ask for pay

at KV Oostende, is asking the players to make a month’s wages to deliver it, but as much as 50 per cent of their salaries for the month of april. Post any tekengeld to be paid, the benefits continue to be maintained. However, Wout Faes has any questions. He has been in January and paid for by the Stade Reims-as a gun-for-hire, with a nice pay raise. You pay for UNTIL him and pour Reims: money back later. The advocate wonders of Ostend, then a reduction may be asking. In order for any arrangements to meet up with the players who have money on Zulte Waregem (Sylla), Charleroi airport (Niane), and Antwerp (Verstraete), will UNTIL in contact with the club.

Photos: Isosport More about RSC Anderlecht, first graders make sense of the options in the expiring contracts are (for the moment), not used, KV Oostende, complaining of Marc Coucke, for the man Who is not afraid to take advantage of the wild benefactor of Vincent Kompany? Vincent Kompany will have to pay for the Anderlecht-players who have a contract on pay no sign