The General Prosecutor's office demanded to deal with the inflated prices of lemons and garlic

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As reported by correspondent “RG” the press service of the Supervisory authority, the General Prosecutor’s office organized a permanent monitoring of the situation related to the overpricing of products in a pandemic. So, after analyzing numerous reports on the Internet, prosecutors received information about the overstatement of retail chains in food prices, which help to strengthen immunity. As explained in the Prosecutor’s office in particular it was about the ginger root, garlic and lemons, the prices of which have increased several times.

All this, in the opinion of the Supervisory authority, may result in the violation of the rights of consumers and other negative social consequences.

Photo: iStock FAS receives complaints of rising prices for ginger, lemons and garlic

In this regard, the Prosecutor General instructed the FAS to give a legal assessment of the reasonableness of price increases. After that, if necessary, will be taken prosecutorial response, up to attraction guilty to responsibility for violation of Antimonopoly legislation, said the attorney General’s office.