For the first time since the Second world War: the grand slam of the calendar is reached. Nothing was too much trouble and has decided that, in 2020, it will not be played on the world’s most famous garden. In addition, the global black-out period is extended by one month until July 13, so that the coronadoem all tennisjaar more and more in danger.

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A love called crisisberaad of the All England Club was, however, given the size of the gezondheidscatastrofe, is no different than the decisions to be 134ste edition, which normally would start on the 29th of June, and is to be discarded. The organizers did last week, with the possibility of been rejected in order to behind-closed-doors to play. Even without an audience, there are still a few of the thousands and thousands of people are needed to get the event in the future. The postponement was also not an option because of the grass later in the year, lack of sunlight, and the heat know it and because it used to be in the dark. At the end of June/beginning of July, there may be up to 22 hours of play.


you wanted to be in the World until the end of april to decide the moment at which the preparatory work to start, but the pandemic is superseded that plan. In the All England Club. think of this decision to its public image. If the world is to fight against a new crisis, and you do not want to be at the expense of everything and then go on with your plans.

is Not in the World by the year 2020. Photo: BELGAIMAGE

With this decision to make the English a lot of collegialer than Roland Garros. The French major has made himself, without prior consultation with the other parties to the June to september move. Paris hopes to be a part of the holdings on his property are still to be recovered, but it was on all sides because that is egomania.


when Compared with just about all of the other tennis tournaments can be a London event and the financial loss from its deletion time limit. The All England Club is the only one of the four grand slams as an insurance against a pandemic. Because of this, the tournament sponsors, and tv stations and the viewers back. The BBC estimates that take into account, at least 226 million euros.

in the Meantime decided to place the international unions, ATP, WTA, and ITF is that it is already up to 13th of July, will not play, it is an extension of the lock-up period an extra month. So, after the gravelseizoen all grastoernooien at the last minute. The fears have increased that the annus horribilis , in which no tennis is played more with you. An emergency includes, in an extension of the season until the end of december, with the remaining three majors are given priority, if necessary in a slimmed down version with fewer participants and fewer sets. But even with that, the light a variant seems to be difficult to achieve in a sport as international. More than forty different nationalities are represented at the top. Of this motley company – in Africa – in all the continents of the tournaments with the scores of countries affected, and athletes from all over the world, air travel will have to make.


when the World moves on, the circus is starting in mid-July at the hard courts of North America, where it is the peak of the coronacrisis is yet to come. In the US, keep an Open mind, with the sole reservation that has yet to have a start date of August 31st, but will be hard-hit New York and that ability to keep up? Flushing Meadows, it even has a section of his land will be evicted to make an emergency hospital to be redeveloped.

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and Then the Asian tournaments in the program. How many players are willing to take in these conditions, to the continent to travel to? The master’s in London and the Davis Cup is in Madrid to close out the season, two of the cities and towns that have been severely affected by the virus. It does all of them very little good.

reportedly, Novak Djokovic, the current no. 1, with his colleagues, and the possibility of raising it to a close in this volume to pull it. Craig Tiley, the president of the Australian federation, and are thinking in the same direction. (International travel by air, so essential to the sport, it will be one of the last things to once again be allowed. Play a sport with a global focus, it will be much more difficult than working out with a national focus.”

the Frenchwoman Amélie Mauresmo, a former no. 1 calls for to begin again when there is a vaccine. And that is likely to be until 2021 that are available. Is 2020 and all the way at the last minute? The risk is growing by the day.

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