Mad or brilliant? He is likely the first. In any case, his idea of how coronavirussen should be addressed.

Red Bull’s ceo Helmut Marko came up with a proposal that was beaten under the floorboards when he got the idea that it could be smart in the middle of this break in the sport to get all the drivers from both the Red Bull and Alpha Tauri infected with the virus.

For now, if just they all got the disease now, when they are young and in good health, they could become immune to it and not worry later, rationalized the 76-year-old forward to.

Why was he thinking about to get a carrier to give all drivers, also the quite young, the corona, by getting them together in a camp and so have one purpose – to get them done ill.

It writes the BBC.

“It’s a perfect time to get the infection. They are strong young men with good health. On the way they can be prepared when we start up again,” said the austrian, according to the BBC, to tv-station ORF from his home country.

“We have four Formula 1 drivers and eight or 10 juniors, and the idea was to organize a camp for the physically and mentally to overcome this dead period,” explains Helmut Marko.

of course not downloaded backing for his idea from any other in the Red Bull.