“what are the chances of new technologies in the fight against Corona should make use of Virus,” said Kuhle the editorial network in Germany (Tuesday). “This is possible without our high level of privacy to lift Standards up.”

The now-discussed “solution combines data protection with innovative technology,” says Kuhle. The FDP politician stressed, however: “Even with such a solution, the number of Tests must be increased significantly. Only then will the use of the data brings a real added value.“

Volunteer App solution is technically most reasonable solution is to

Also the founder of the platform Netzpolitik.org Markus Beckedahl, a non-mandatory mobile App to combat the Corona-crisis acceptable. “The volunteer App-based solution would be the technically most sensible and at the same time, fundamental rights-friendly variant”, said the privacy expert to the RND.

“The policy needs to formulate the claims of such an App. The App needs to guarantee this then.“ Their development is technically within a week is feasible, stressed Beckedahl, adding: “The data must be safely and soon deleted it is stored. A abuse must be excluded. In addition, the best App does not bring anything, when we have enough Tests.“

the Green-Chairman Robert Habeck sees a “Corona-App” a possible “good contribution to the fight against the pandemic and its consequences. If, in the future, restrictions of social life would again be loosened, “will be the Coronavirus Yes more there,” said Habeck on Monday in Flensburg. It would then be a matter of, “to combat the Virus precise and concrete”. FOCUS Online provides you daily with the most important news from the Digital Department. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

experts believe that a Smartphone App for a way to identify contacts of Infected faster and more effective. This Habeck sees according to its own information, too. Condition for the introduction of such a system is for the Greens, however, “it is voluntary and that the data will be anonymized”.

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