According to Ferrari, team boss Mattia Binotto, it should be possible to get it during the summer, additional races to the schedule, and the F1 season in 2020 and possibly not until January of 2021 to the end.

“We are in constant dialogue,” said Binotto, as opposed to ‘Sky Italia’. “Just like all the other teambazen, I realize that this is a crucial moments.”

Binotto is the only correct decision in the case of the teams is that they don’t need to have a vote on an amendment on the F1 calendar in 2020, everything will be in the hands of F1’s and the FIA’s view.

“as far as the F1 calendar is concerned, we have a Message and that the FIRST, under the present difficult circumstances, with a safe-conduct given to each of the calendar is to be determined.”

According to Binotto, it provides for movement of the required plant to ensure that there is a lot of space is created, in order to, as much as possible for the races to catch up and have a seat on the new F1 calendar for to 2020.

“We’ll be able to possibly be also raceweekends of the two days, with training sessions to Saturday morning shift. Because of this, we can make the logistics of the better approaches, when the raceweekends to be placed closer to each other.”

“Additionally, to ensure that the required plant closures to ensure that, in August, more space can be used for the races, to organize, and if the circumstances allow it.”

in Addition to the F1 season in 2020, it also can be renewed and it was not until January of 2021 end. According to Ferrari, team boss, everyone needs to take a flexible stance, even if this would mean that, in the run-up to the F1 season, in 2021, just a very short winter break as well, it would have been.

“We as a team have to be open to as many as possible,” said Binotto. “This will make sure that we have a full F1 championship in 2020 will be able to get it. With the new season only starts in march, there is a lot of time.

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